Warframe: Update 30 launch window, Sevagoth and Tennocon 2021 details

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The spring season is in full swing and with it holds a slew of new things coming to Warframe in the very near future. Kicking off these updates, PC players have already been given the Corpus Proxima, New Railjack, and Zephyr Harrier collection. However, next Wednesday, March 31, all Warframe players will be given access to the Lepus Headgear, Spring Step ephemera, and Easter color palette.

As for some of the bigger content drops, the Call of Tempestarii update window has been slated for an April release. This is also going to be a simultaneous console release, meaning PC players and all current consoles will get it at the same time!

For the console side of things, this means the Corpus Proxima, new Railjack, and Zephyr Harrier collection will be bundled in that experience. See more on those details here.

To stay on the console announcements, Xbox Tenno who have the current generation consoles— the Series S or X— will be receiving the next-gen Series build around the same time Update 30 (Tempestarii) rolls out. What comes in it is better game performance, improved loading times, and enhanced visuals!

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Warframe’s 8th Anniversary

This April seems to be a very jam-packed one for Digital Extremes. April also marks the eighth anniversary of Warframe. Players will once again be able to receive the Dex items offered from previous years plus a new freebie this year. Most of the Dex items have been offered as part of alert mission rewards during the past anniversaries, and they still will. But all you have to do during this period is log into Warframe and you’ll receive a free Rhino Dex skin.

New Warframe: Sevagoth

Other announcements included more visual showcasing of the next frame coming in this title update— Sevagoth. He’ll be tied to the quest in this update. The highly anticipated Mirage Deluxe skin was also teased to be part of this update along with void storms. The skin is self explanatory, but the void storms are going to be a new way to crack open relics and farm for Prime weapons and Warframes in Railjack.

Warframe Sevagoth
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Tennocon 2021

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The second half of the Devstream laid out more possible tweaks and news updates for Warframe, including a Tennocon 2021 update and keeping the game feeling fresh and diverse in its gameplay and reward system.

Tennocon 2021 will be in a digital format this year. Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic still being around despite the distribution of vaccines, it was a better judgment call to make this event online until the world is fully out of it. Also, don’t expect large-scale updates like the New War and the Duviri Paradox until after September 2021. The crew at Digital Extremes stated they may not be back in their office until September at the earliest.

Finally, to end the stream and keep players eagerly waiting for Update 30, we were introduced to Vala, a new character appearing in Call of the Tempestarii.