Monster Hunter Rise: Title Update 2.0 adds Apex Rathalos in late April

Capcom /

Monster Hunter Rise just released on Friday and already Capcom is teasing the first free update. Title Update Ver. 2.0 is slated to arrive in “late April,” and it promises some very exciting additions.

Most notable is the arrival of Apex Rathalos, a more powerful version of the series’ flagship monster. Capcom didn’t specify what will make Apex Rathalos stronger, but you can bet he will hit harder than his normal counterpart.

It sounds like Apex Rathalos will also be a part of a Rampage hunt. The Rampage is a new type of quest introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. In these quests, you must protect Kamura Village by fending off hordes of monsters. Rampage hunts are usually capped off with an Apex monster, and it sounds like Apex Rathalos will be one of them.

In addition to Apex Rathalos, Title Update Ver. 2.0 will also add Chameleos and “several new monsters.”

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Another exciting thing this update will do is unlock the Hunter Rank cap. In Monster Hunter Rise, a player’s Hunter Rank corresponds to the level of quests they have access to. The current cap at launch is Hunter Rank 7, which is divided into Low-Rank 1-star to 3-star quests and High-Rank 4-star to 7-star quests.

With the April update, the Hunter Rank cap will be removed, or at least raised. In previous Monster Hunter games, a player could effectively raise their Hunter Rank to a maximum of 999 by completing difficult quests. It’s unclear if this April update will remove all constrictions in Monster Hunter Rise or if Hunter Rank will continue to be artificially slowed with a newer cap.

In addition to announcing Title Update Ver. 2.0, Capcom also teased the Ver. 3.0 update. There’s no release date just yet, but Capcom did tease “several new monsters” and a “new ending.”

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to with Monster Hunter Rise in the coming weeks and months ahead. We’re currently in the process of reviewing the game, so check back soon for our scored review.