Warframe community contests show the absolute best in its playerbase

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Warframe is an expansive, cooperative, looter shooter that meets more than the eye. Boasting so many different ways to play and customize your loadout, several planets and locales to explore, and with ever-expanding lore, this game carries a momentum that feels like it goes further beyond the final frontier.

This game had many ongoing game award nominations and most recently, was up for a Golden Joystick award for the best game community in 2020. Warframe has a community that prides itself in creativity, whether it’s fan art, fashion frame, and even music!

In late February, the team at Digital Extremes partnered with a Warframe content creator, Joey Zero, in an Octavia fan cam contest. This was a fun and unique community contest to celebrate the release of the popular Octavia Warframe getting her primed variant. The rules were simple and open to players on any console, but the contests, especially this one, had some very strong competition. 

This showcases one of the great aspects of Warframe’s community. The engagement and dedication of the fans are commendable to say the least. You can check the top ten finalists here in Home Time #46:

Check out the first place winner, Mega Lova Nia’s (stylized as mega_lova_nia) submission here:

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Even the people who didn’t qualify in the top ten are worth checking in their own respective rights!

These contests happen periodically, so the best way to be in the loop with these is to follow the Warframe forums and social media. You can also stay up to date by checking the news section in-game via your orbiter. It’s the little console to the right of the navigation console.

Past contests are themed usually around a new update, a change of seasons, or popular holidays like Christmas and Halloween. For example, the past few contests were a “Love of Star Days” contest which was Valentine’s Day themed, or the Necramech Showcase contest which was around the time Operation: Orphix Venom was concluding on PC and starting on consoles.

Typically, the top five finalists are rewarded with platinum, the game’s premium in-game currency. Aside from this contest, in particular, there are practically no barriers to entry. With the depth of Captura, you don’t need too many external resources for competition other than your game and creativity!

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