TFT Labs offer an experimental way to play Teamfight Tactics

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We’ve known for a while now that Teamfight Tactics will be getting a new game mode. Back in January, TFT lead gameplay designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer shared a few details about what was then referred to as a “Turbo” mode focused on making the auto-battler “simpler and much faster.” We now know this new game mode is part of a larger picture for Teamfight Tactics — something referred to as “TFT Labs.”

TFT Labs are an experimental way to play the Teamfight Tactics. The Labs will be home to alternative modes with slight twists on the auto-battler that let players experiment with things like team building, shop rolling, gold managing (or not managing), or the many other aspects of TFT.

“Our goal is to try out different ideas and playstyles to understand what you all like,” Mortimer explained.

Think of TFT Labs as the game’s equivalent to Featured Game Modes in League of Legends. They are separate game modes from the normal game with variations to the ruleset or mechanics. Game modes introduced through TFT Labs are designed to run for a limited time before leaving and making room for new ones, but Mortimer acknowledged that “wildly popular” modes could stick around permanently.

The first TFT Labs coming will be the aforementioned Hyper Roll. The goal with this mode is to get you in and out of a game in about 15 minutes, so it’s perfect for those short on time.

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You start with 10 health and lose 1 HP each time you lose a round. The amount of HP you lose increases in the later rounds. There’s also no gold interest and the rules for neutral minion rounds, item drops, carousel and leveling system have also been adjusted for this mode.

Hyper Roll and other TFT Labs modes will use a separate and slightly different than the cored ranked. Challenger and Grand Master will be reserved for the core TFT experience.

Hyper Roll will launch at the same time as TFT: Reckoning (Set 5) in April. More details will be shared.

TFT Labs seems like the perfect way for Riot to explore and grow Teamfight Tactics without sacrificing the core TFT experience. It’s a way for Riot to deliver wild and fun ideas, keeping the game feeling fresh and unlocking limitless fun potential. It’s also a way for Riot to finally introduce a team-based variation of the game so you can play with your friends and not compete against them. The possibilities are endless and I look forward to what TFT Labs can deliver.