Among Us: The Airship map release date and new features

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Among Us was one of 2020’s biggest surprise hits. The social deduction game had actually released in 2018, but blew up last year thanks, in part, to the coronavirus pandemic forcing everyone to social distance. Among Us brought us a fun way to come together and work as a team (or sabotage the entire mission, depending on your role).

As Among Us grew in popularity, demand for new features and maps also grew. So developer Innresloth got to work and this month they’ll be delivering their newest and biggest map yet, The Airship.

The Airship Release Date And Features

The Airship is part of a free update arriving on March 31. In addition to the new map, the update will add a basic account system for moderation and “more.” Before we get into the details, check out the reveal trailer for The Airship.

As you can see, there’s a lot of new stuff coming with this map besides a new layout. There are new tasks to be completed, such as emptying the garbage and shining a gem. There are also new ways to navigate the areas of the ship, including ladders and hovering platforms. This will no doubt make stalking your victims a bit more challenging. Or will it?

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Another new feature in The Airship is the ability to pick which room you want to start in after a meeting. It appears players will be able to choose from three rooms: Engine Room, Records and Main Hall. This could give the Imposter a bit of an advantage if you and they wind up starting along in the same room together.

The latest blog post didn’t go into great details about the account system, but Innersloth did address it a few months ago. Basically, the account system will focus on moderation, allowing reporting of toxic players. This will hopefully provide accountability for player behavior.

Among Us is currently available on mobile devices, PC and Nintendo Switch. It was added Xbox Game Pass for PC in December and is coming to Xbox Game Pass for console this year.  Unfortunately, nothing has been announced for PlayStation.