Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mario Warp Pipe unleashes unlimited creative potential

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It is Mario’s 35th Anniversary and one of the best ways Nintendo has chosen to celebrate it is through Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Throughout the month you can purchase a ton of absolutely excellent Mario-inspired items that work way better than the Mario-themed items from previous games.

Blocks can hover in the air and the items are animated so the fire flower sways gently to the music. Coins, which in the previous game just blocked your path, actually act as if you picked them up for a moment, disappearing as you run through it, and reappearing a few seconds later.

But when I saw the trailer, there was one item on the list that caught my eye, the Warp Pipe. Look at it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Nintendo /

A plain-looking green pipe completely void of anything but potential. The second I saw that pipe, I felt like one of the characters in the classic Manga Horror “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”. I had to go in. It was made for me.

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Today, I finally got them in the mail. You have to order them and have them shipped to you. I purchased two. I placed the first one by my house. I hopped in and was happy to see I jumped up and went down the pipe with the signature Mario sound. The screen went black and then it came back in the same spot and I hopped out of the pipe.

I ran to the other side of my island and placed a second pipe. So now I had one to the south of my island and then the other one was by my home, on a secluded island, impossible to access by any other means. Then I hopped in the southern pipe.

It worked! This is a big thing for Animal Crossing: New Horizons island creators like myself. The ability to create areas of the island only accessible by warp pipe leads to a lot of new ideas. It also makes me happy that the mail pelican is capable of flight.

Also. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has Mario-themed wallpaper available. light