Pokemon Presents reveals exciting details for New Pokemon Snap

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Today’s Pokemon Presents was a LOT of information in a small amount of time. I guarantee that even if you made a bingo card for your Pokemon Direct predictions, there was at least something on there you didn’t expect. One of the things the Pokemon Presents did was reveal more information on New Pokemon Snap, which drops April 30th, and every new piece of information was good.

I’m somehow even more excited. I was hoping they were going to announce a sticker printer like the original game had, but you know what? We’re good.

So, in the game — which takes place in the Lental Region — you pilot the Neo-1 and take photos of Pokemon for Professor Mirror and his two assistants. As with the original Snap, as you take more photos you unlock more tools and better equipment to allow you to unlock better opportunities for photos and entirely new realms to explore.

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In the reveal today, it showed that not only are there going to be locations like jungles, deserts, underwater and more, but there is also the option to go out at night to encounter different Pokemon and new situations to catch on film.

And to make the nighttime even more exciting, they announced the addition of “Lumina Orbs”. These glowing spheres (of questionable chemical origin) are designed to be thrown at a Pokemon. When it hits it causes that Pokemon to glow, lighting the area around it and causing new animations to happen.

Excitingly, it also allows some other changes in some Pokemon. For example, they threw one at a Scorbunny and, while it was glowing it kicked up a ton of blue flame instead of its traditional orange fire.

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And just like the original game focused around the end goal of catching Mew, this one looks like the legendary to find is Celebi. I’m hoping for more but honestly, this game is looking exciting enough as is. Though there have been hints that other Legendary and Mythical Pokemon may appear so, knock on Sudowodo.

In addition to all these new things, they also discussed that there will be advanced photo editing options, allowing you to crop, tilt, filter and even add stickers and borders. When done with them, you can share them to an online board where it can be ranked and, if enough people in the real world like it, it could even become featured in the online gallery.

All-in-all, I’m pretty psyched for April 30th when New Pokemon Snap releases. I’ll admit, playing the original has gotten kinda stale as I’ve been playing it every so often for, I don’t know, the last 22 years as my go-to chillout game.