Warframe guide: How to farm for Octavia Prime blueprints and parts

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Octavia Prime Farming tips

For some quick Orokin Cells, farm General Sargas Ruk on Tethys— Saturn.

For Neural Sensors, you can fight Alad V on Themisto— Jupiter. Alternatively, you can go to the Kuva Survival mission on the Kuva Fortress. The Kuva Fortress spawns more enemies than other planets, so the chances of an enemy eventually dropping some will be higher than in other planets.

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Nitain Extract is always in the Nightwave cred offerings, so you can purchase them there. If not, you can farm them in Ghoul Purge bounties in the Plains of Eidolon if the event is live. Another way you can earn Nitain, though unreliable, is farming the Zealoid Prelate on Deimos or playing Sabotage missions. Do note that the Sabotage missions have to be in the Grineer or Corpus Galleon tilesets, and you have to collect all three caches before extracting.

Octavia Prime’s parts are tradable, so if you want to skip some of the farming, you can find someone in trade chat. Keep in mind, newly released or unvaulted Prime Warframes tend to be more expensive.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Octavia Prime Access pack here.