Outriders will offer free PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade

Square Enix/People Can Fly
Square Enix/People Can Fly /

Outriders is set to release on April 1, 2021, and like all games launching in this awkward moment between console generations, there are questions surrounding the platforms and whether or not there will be any sort of upgrade offered from last-gen (PS4/XboxOne) to current-gen (PS5/Xbox Series X)

Well, good news, People Can Fly has already confirmed Outriders will support Smart Delivery on Xbox and a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5. As stated on the game’s FAQ page:

"Anyone who purchases the game for Xbox One or PlayStation 4, will get a free upgrade to Xbox One X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 respectively."

We don’t have specific details on how the free upgrade service works, but I have to assume it’s like any other game that supports it. That likely means upgrades only work within the same family of consoles; PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S.

Additionally, for PlayStation, there’s likely the whole disc drive versus no disc drive factor. Meaning if you purchase a physical PS4 copy of the game, you’ll need to have a PlayStation 5 console with a disc drive and not the Digital Edition as there would be no way for the console to read the disc. Typically, if you own the physical PS4 version and insert it into the PS5, you’re able to download a digital version of the PlayStation 5 copy.

Xbox’s Smart Delivery is a little more… smarter… about handling cross-generation upgrades. Basically, if you purchase an Xbox One version of Outriders, they’ll deliver “the best version of it.” As detailed on the page:

"If you decide to jump into the next generation with Xbox Series X, we will automatically provide the Xbox Series X version of the game at no additional cost when it becomes available. You won’t need to do anything in terms of choosing a version to download. We’ll take care of all of that. And it’s not just limited to games that you purchase digitally; physical discs of Xbox games can also support Smart Delivery if the developer or publisher decides to implement it."

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Presumably, this applies to Outriders. However, People Can Fly or Square Enix haven’t specified how they are handling physical disc upgrades from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X.

If you plan on buying Outriders at launch and do eventually plan on upgrading to a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, I’d say the safe thing to do is just buy a digital copy of the game. That way it won’t matter what kind of consoles you end up buying.

Outriders is set to release on April 1, 2021. A demo for the game launches today, February 25, and offers the entire opening chapter of the campaign.

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