Cyberpunk 2077 creator CD Projekt Red victim of cyber attack

CD Projekt RED (Xbox Press Site)
CD Projekt RED (Xbox Press Site) /

CD Projekt Red, the famous developer who created The Wither 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, has just been the victim of a major cyber attack.

CD Projekt Red has acknowledged that some personal files have been breached and that access to the company’s servers has been obtained. The hackers have said that they plan on releasing source codes and/or selling them online if the two sides cannot come to a mutual agreement. What this “mutual agreement” is has yet to be released by CD Projekt Red. The full threat that was sent to CD Projekt Red can be viewed below.

As far as CD Projekt Red is concerned, no personal data has been compromised of the company’s employees, but they can’t be 100% sure, of course. Just to make everyone aware, these threats that CD Projekt Red is concerned about are not empty threats as source codes have begun to be leaked and sold online already. In fact, the group of hackers has placed the code to Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent Card Game, and The Witcher 3 up for auction on the Exploit forums for a $1 million starting bid and a $7 million buy it immediately.

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As far as the agreement goes, CD Projekt Red has already stated that they do not plan on giving the hackers what they want, even if they plan on releasing personal source files which has already appeared to have happened. At the moment CD Projekt Red is working with authorities to get down to the bottom of things and help get all this resolved.

Cyber attacks are a big deal and very illegal. You would think that after some time these hackers may eventually be caught, but has the damage already been done? Files have been appearing on other websites such as 4Chan and Mega as well, but those have been taken down by moderators to try and make sure that these files aren’t being spread to the wrong hands. The reason why it hasn’t been taken down from Exploit yet is that those forums are created by hackers in order to share and sell information by other hackers.

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CD Projekt Red is in a major pickle right now and only time will tell what will happen to the company going forward after these major attacks. Stay tuned for more information on this topic as I can assure you this isn’t the last we have heard on this story.