PUBG Esports: PGI.S hosts the world’s best on LAN

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The PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S) marked the beginning of a new season for PUBG Esports and a cautious return to offline events. Since the esports’ last major LAN event, PUBG has run several online regional tournaments to support the game’s ecosystem of competitive players and organizations. Unlike those online events,

PGI.S brings together thirty-two of the best teams from around the world to battle for $3.5 million in prizes. Held just outside of Seoul, South Korea at Studio Paradise, PUBG Esports have truly outdone themselves by organizing an improbable event that surpasses any and all expectations in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

Outside of Riot Game’s League of Legends: Worlds 2020 in October, there simply aren’t any other esports organizing large scale LAN events with players arriving from every corner of the globe. From their health safety protocols to the promotion of the tournament in-game, PGI.S is shaping up to be one of the most successful events to date for PUBG.

Day One of the event kicked off on Friday and will continue to play out over the next six weeks. PGI.S features a new format that will challenge the existing meta in PUBG Esports and provide endless action for fans over the next two months.

PGI.S is arguably the most star-studded LAN event in the history of PUBG Esports. All of the biggest names from throughout the esport will be in attendance over the next few weeks as they compete for the massive $3.5 million prize pool.

Many of the champion teams from the PUBG Continental Series, the online regional tournaments that kept the esport afloat last year, will represent their region at PGI.S – including North American powerhouses in Susquehanna Soniqs, Oath Gaming, and Shoot To Kill. Each team has proven themselves amongst their NA rivals but how will they stack up against the favored teams from China and South Korea?

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Bolstering the competition at PGI.S are the most notable teams from the EMEA region, including Faze Clan, Team Liquid, and Virtus.Pro. These are some of the most dangerous teams in PUBG Esports and two have proven their play on the international stage previously. The biggest attraction of PGI.S is the potential matchups that take place from match to match. If you’re familiar with any of the teams or players, you can’t help but get excited thinking about FaZe Clan and Shoot To Kill fighting it out with so much money on the line.

PUBG Esports has always produced some of the most interesting stage and arena setups. I would imagine organizing sixteen individual team booths onto one stage is quite the challenge and restricts many of the stage design ideas. That said, PUBG continues to impress with their presentation of competitive battle royale at PGI.S.

This event allows fans to get in on the action with the PGI.S Pick Em’ Challenge, something we’ve seen numerous times over the last year. It’s a fan favorite and allows players to earn exclusive in-game skins to commemorate this event. The Pick Em’ Challenge will run weekly alongside the Weekly Survival and earn those who can correctly predict the winner with Esport Points – used in-game to unlock the rare items. You can find more information about the format of PGI.S, the Pick Em’ Challenge, and more here on the PUBG Esports site.