MLB The Show 21: Fernando Tatis Jr. revealed as cover athlete

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When a new sports video game is announced, one of the first questions that people begin asking is who will be this years cover athlete? Being the cover athlete for a sports video game is a real honor. You are representing the league as a whole for that given year. Companies do not choose just any random person for the honor, but rather someone who deserves and has earned that honor for that year. With that being said, Fernando Tatis Jr. gets the honor this year for MLB The Show 21 and makes history doing so.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is still just getting his feet wet in the MLB. He has only played two seasons in the Majors (one of them being shortened due to Covid-19) with 143 games played during those two seasons. However, even only playing a handful of games, Fernando Tatis Jr. has already done wonders for the San Diego Padres.

It is no doubt that Tatis Jr. is a young star in the making and will continue to bring the San Diego Padres on the rise. In his 558 career at-bats, Tatis Jr. is sporting a whopping .301 batting average. This also includes a .318 batting average in his career postseason.

Yes, Fernando Tatis Jr. is young but what we have seen so far is very promising about the future and let’s face it, sports are all about the future and building.

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Fernando Tatis Jr. also makes history while being on the cover of MLB The Show 21 as he becomes the youngest player in MLB history to be on the cover of an MLB The Show video game and also is the first-ever San Diego Padres player to be featured on an MLB The Show cover as well. That should spell good news for the San Diego Padres franchise as the team is finally getting into the limelight.

I think that the decision to put Fernando Tatis Jr. on the cover was a great decision and a great depiction of what the future of baseball holds.

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