The Medium: Bloober Team’s latest psychological horror is already profitable

Bloober Team
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Polish developer Bloober Team has released quite a few well-received horror titles over the past years, including Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, but their recently released game, The Medium, is by far their biggest effort. And it appears to be a success financially for the studio.

According to Polish publication (via Gamespot), Bloober Team reports that The Medium is already profitable, with sales have eclipsed development and promotional costs.

The Medium released last week, on January 28, for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It was also available through the Xbox Game Pass program, but it’s unclear if Game Pass is factored into the sales figures or if it is profitable without factoring this in.

Specific numbers weren’t revealed, but it’s still good news for fans of the studio and their work. What’s doubly impressive is the fact that The Medium achieved this without a release on Xbox One which has a much larger user base than the Xbox Series X|S currently.

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Bloober Team’s previous work set a high bar for The Medium which uses a unique split-screen set to display two different worlds at once: the real one and the spirit one. This simultaneous dual reality is interesting in concept but in our review, we found more enjoyment when the dual realities weren’t involved.

Overall, The Medium was a mixed-bag for us with “high highs and some sinking lows.” AppTrigger contributor Dev Crowley summarizes in her review of the game:

"If you go into The Medium with very high hopes, I think you will be disappointed but if you walk in just looking for some eerie atmospheres, some award-winning voice acting and some nostalgic horror feels, then you will have some fun."

If you’re an Xbox Series X|S owner and also a Game Pass member, it sounds like The Medium is at least worth checking out. It’s unclear if the game will stay on Game Pass forever since it isn’t actually a first-party Microsoft game. If you’re a fan of Bloober Team’s previous work, you’ll also likely find enjoyment in this game as well.