The Medium: Bloober Team’s psychological horror launches this week

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Well, it’s January; the start of a brand new year. With the disaster that was 2020 finally in the books, Bloober Team SA hopes to start the year off with a bang via their upcoming video game release called The Medium.

With their latest effort being classified as a psychological horror video game, it’s a given that The Medium will remind many gamers of well-known horror game titles like Resident Evil, Outlast, and Silent Hill, just to name a few.

Earlier this month, GameSpot posted the first 14 minutes of the game’s campaign, and from the looks of it, The Medium could be best described as an eerie, creepy, intriguing, mysterious, masterpiece.

After we get a first glance at the main protagonist, Marianne, the video carries on with the sound of soft whispers, followed by the sounds of several unsettling screams. A few seconds later, it’s made apparent that Marianne is searching for someone named Thomas.

Though she’s unsuccessful in finding who she’s looking for at the moment, she does happen to meet someone else. Sort of, anyway. In the midst of Marianne’s search for Thomas, she’s confronted by a young girl named Sadness.

During this encounter, the screen is split in two, with Sadness visible at the bottom half, but nowhere to be found at the top.

Despite the name, the fact that she doesn’t have any friends… and the fact that she’s missing an arm, Sadness appears to be in good spirits and invites Marianne to play with her.

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Marianne agrees to play with Sadness, but first, she needs to find Thomas. After a moment of recollection, Sadness directs Marianne up some stairs, suggesting that they should go look for him on the 2nd floor of the haunted hotel they’re in.

Marianne proceeds to inform Sadness that she can’t go there, but it’s too late.

See, It’s this sort of unique mystic mixed with great storytelling that many video games are missing, nowadays.

Anyway, The Medium is set to be released on the 28th of January for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox Series X/S.

Though it’s never a good idea to assume a video game will be a success based on the promo material alone, this game offers quite an interesting story. Here’s to hoping that this isn’t its only asset.