Warframe’s Prime Access needs to be reworked

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With Devstream 151 coming soon, upcoming content is to be revealed for Warframe, possibly including the next Prime Access. However, there needs to be some revamping of it in subsequent releases. The Prime Access system in Warframe are these trimonthly, instant access packs to the latest Prime Warframe and their signature gold-trimmed loadout. They usually come with a few extra goodies in the packs like discounted platinum, cosmetics, or boosters depending on which bundle you purchase.

These packs don’t come so cheap either; they are priced as much as newly released games and never go on sale. It has been nearly three months since Nezha Prime was released, and the price of the frame and his signature arsenal have significantly lowered in the trade chat. The access pack is coming close to its end for the next one, which will obviously be Octavia Prime.

The pricing will more than likely be the same, but it’s a three month cycle that has to have more bang for your buck or something else. The pricing of these packs like I said cost as much as newly released games, and it doesn’t add much more than just a time skip and premium currency.

I get it, this is a very appealing offer for people who are fairly new to the game or have significant progress. I’m also not trying to tell people to not buy it, because there definitely is a major bang for your buck with the discounted platinum and possible boosters depending which bundle you get. I say support the developers if you’re having a blast with the game and if they’ve got good PR.

The Prime Vault packs are a step in the right direction when it comes to the pricing of the more premium items in Warframe. They boast previously vaulted Prime Warframes and their weapons at lower prices than when they were once in Prime Access. This is way down the line after being in relic rotation for several months. There’s less platinum in these packs too, so be aware of that.

Warframe - Inaros Prime
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Maybe there can be some discount system in place for first-time buyers or when they’re about to come out of rotation. I get that this is a free-to-play game so they have to get money somehow. I hound all my friends with current gen consoles and gaming PCs to try this game out despite if they like these types of games or not, but they always come at me with questions like, “What is Prime Access and why is it telling me it’s $80? I thought this was free-to-play.”

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To them, I say it is, and you don’t NEED to purchase these. The fact that these packs are also on the forefront of the in-game market can also deter people from thinking otherwise about this game. The term “free-to-play” does always alarm gamers prompting other questions like “what’s the catch?” These questions are valid, and in terms of Warframe’s Prime Access, it could be better communicated that this doesn’t give any outright advantages over players who opt not to buy it other than for instant access.

Also when you’re at a Mastery Rank of 20 or higher, there’s even less of an incentive or advantage of buying a Prime Access (unless won through a Warframe live stream giveaway). Chances are you have enough resources, tradeable platinum, slots, and relics to acquire Prime items to craft without dropping the amount of money you’d spend on a newly released AAA game.

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I don’t want these Prime Access packs to be cancelled, but these need to be shown to players that these aren’t needed. They should also be reworked in price to some extent or just go on sale more.