Screenshot tour: The best and worst moments in gaming from 2020

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From “Pokemon Shield”
Pokemon, But Make it Fashion

Looking for all the stuff in Pokemon Sword and Shield is one thing, but doing it for articles and taking screenshots are something completely different. For example, when I was looking into collecting the legendary birds, Moltres provided a fun challenge. Moltres flies around the Isle of Armor so, to get a good screenshot, I had to memorize its path around the entire island and find a pretty place to capture it flying. During that time I realized that if I’m going to get good screenshots, I should make my character look cool too. It was at that moment I decided to make my character match my loyal shiny Zygarde. It has never stopped following me since.

Cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt Red /

From “Cyberpunk 2077”
That’s the T

Behold, this is probably the first list you’re going to find this year that lists the “best of” and also contains Cyberpunk 2077. You’re welcome! Anywho, the game was a buggy mess, especially playing it on my PS4 Pro. And while my game was filled with all the glitches and crashes I heard about, except one. I heard of characters existing in a permanent T-pose but I never found any. Then, I entered a club and there she was, arms outstretched like an elderly aunt coming to collect a decade’s worth of hugs.

From “Mario Galaxy” in the “Super Mario 3D All-Stars”
Bee the Meme You Want to See

I am, for all intents and purposes, what the gaming world would call a “casual”. While I used to be really into shooters and fighting games, most of my time now is spent on things like JRPGs and Nintendo Games with a particular love of platformers. Also, despite being 40, I am obsessed with memes. When I was taking screenshots for Super Mario 3D All-Stars I couldn’t resist a stupid Bee Movie riff

From “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate”
Min-Min for the Win-Win

One of my favorite features in video games of recent years, if you couldn’t guess by this article, is the feature many games add that allow me to take screenshots nicely. And when I was talking about Min-Min when she was first added to Smash Brothers, I really got to play with the photo mode and got this epic shot of her about to break a boss’ face off. Now if only they’d add more female characters to the game.