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Some people are up in arms about Super Mario 3D World from Nintendo but they may be ignoring the fact that they aren’t Nintendo’s primary demographic.

Super Mario 3D + Bowser’s Fury has a lot of people excited in many definitions of the word. Less than a month away, people are sounded off about the new title. One of the things I’ve been seeing is people complaining about the price. Or complaining that Nintendo isn’t releasing a new title. I wanted to talk about this today.

Before I do, I want you guys to understand I’m a Mario fan. But I’m a broke Mario fan. So I love Mario games but I also hate spending money so I can see both sides of this argument.

Personally, for me, I think paying $40 bucks for a re-release of Mario 3D World and $20 for Bowser’s Fury as it’s not a full-length title. They still put a lot of work into it and I like it when people are paid for their work.

But the thing I hear from the people against it, more often than not, are things like, “I already owned this for the Wii U. Just give us something new.”

If you look at internet comments it might look like people are tired of the remasters but, as I mentioned in my article about children’s games, children don’t have the voice online that older people do so we don’t really see the forest from the trees.

I have two kids, both are distance learning. Because of this mixed with being a stay-at-home dad, I get to hear their classes, and oh my damn. If you give these first graders a moment to have a break where they can all leave their mics on and talk, they are talking about one thing and one thing only: Super Mario 3D World.

These kids are talking about this game with the excitement and hope that a cult might give to the aliens coming to take them to their next life. Even during attendance, when people are supposed to say “here,” I caught four different kids, instead, saying “It’s-a me!”

And that is where Nintendo is focused. They definitely make their games more adult-friendly now but Super Mario 3D World, if you have genuinely played it, is quite possibly the easiest Mario game since Mario Teaches Typing. It’s good, and the multiplayer was fun, but once you get that catsuit you may as well just flatten the entire stage and run for the exit.

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And these kids have buying potential. The Wii U did not sell well for Nintendo so even though the console was still around when these kids were born, they more than likely weren’t old enough to know what it was when the game released. And they more than likely don’t have access to it now so this is a whole new experience for them. That’s where Nintendo does well, experiences for children.

While they make the games harder and give adult gamers stuff to look forward to, at the end of the day, it’s a brightly colored smiley man who dresses like a kitty sometimes and makes his way through a colorful adventure with his buddies.

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I still have my Wii U. I still have all the big Nintendo launches on there from Breath of the Wild to Captain Toad to Mario 3D World. I’m still excited about this game and while I’m not getting it right away as I already technically own it, I’m still getting it because my kids will be able to play it on the Switch. I’ll be able to play alongside them and I’m looking forward to it.