Monster Hunter Rise gives me something I always wanted… and Khezu

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With a ton of features with new pets, new places, new monsters and…for no reason at all, Khezu. Monster Hunter Rise look amazing.

Monster Hunter Rise was shown off today in a Capcom stream where they revealed some of the new features we can expect. First off, it’s looking to be way more similar to the wildly successful Monster Hunter World in terms of accessibility, which is incredible. I’ve been a long time Monster Hunter fan and, admittedly, World was really nice to play because there were actually people to play with due to how easy it was to get in and play.

But they’re adding so many new things too including something I’ve always wanted… and Khezu. Ugh. I hate Khezu so much. Wait…focus.

Okay, so they’re adding the ability to ride on the backs of monsters. That’s a pretty awesome thing. They haven’t shown too much of what this can mean but they do give hints of flight and being able to charge smaller creatures with a large one so that could be fun. It would also possibly lead to some hilarious nonsense in multiplayer games. Unless… someone rides a Khezu and then… I’m sorry, I’ll focus.

Monster Hunter Rise Palamute
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They also added Palamutes and it’s like they read straight from my dream journal. Except for the page where I wrote “I’ll happily never see Khezu again”. Palamutes are the goodest boys ever. Adorable wolf creatures you can fully customize not just in appearance but in armor and skills. They’re almost as customizable as the player characters themselves. These creatures will not just follow you into battle, using the abilities you’ve equipped them with, but they can carry you into battle. Riding a Palamute, while looking incredibly fun, also doesn’t use up any stamina meaning you can quickly traverse the map, get to your teammates faster, or get the hell away from Khezu.

Palamutes even get special armor just like Palicos and player characters. And scanning Amiibos even gets you this amazing layered armor for it. If you’re unfamiliar with layered armor, it’s cosmetic armor that you can put over your regular armor so you can keep the stats of your good armor while making it look really cool.

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Armor
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They’ve also added a ton of amazing looking monster (and Khezu).

In addition to all the returns of fan-favorite monsters, they’ve created a brand new one to be the poster child for this game.

Monster Hunter Rise
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Magnamalo is the main creature you’re trying to work your way towards. Taking inspiration from the feudal Japanese aesthetic the entire game has, this angry beast has an attack called Hellfire and is rumored to have the strength of the combined grudges of fallen warriors so…it sounds nice.

All the other returning monsters have gotten cleaned up as well and look absolutely amazing. The amount of detail can make the most gorgeous monsters even more so and the most terrifying ones well…okay…can we talk about Khezu, please?

I know this isn’t the main takeaway from the game, it shouldn’t be, and Khezu isn’t new and was introduced back in Monster Hunter way back in 2004 but… look how it looks in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise
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Why? Why do we need this? It’s like someone say a lamprey and was like, “how do we make this giant and incredibly mobile?” And in the description for the creature it appears that it can use its mouth to cling to walls and ceilings, allowing its neck to stretch, descending its body. Are you kidding? Why?

Imagine this thing biting the roof of a cave while it’s awful flappy limbs swing around like a tetherball slapping nightmares forever into your psyche? Yeesh. Thank god I’m going to have a dog as a getaway driver because this thing uses its long neck to store all the nopes I give this gross thing.

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Anyway, a demo for Monster Hunter Rise drops tonight and I’m going to play it, praying the entire time the Khezu isn’t in it.