Madden 21 Franchise update: How CPU QB Draft logic will be improved

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This month’s Madden 21 Franchise update will improve CPU QB Draft logic with a series of checks that will be taken into account before selecting a player.

EA has shared the Gridiron notes for the next Madden 21 Franchise update, which is slated to arrive this month. The second of three planned updates for the mode, it will address a number of issues brought forth by the community and implement features that work both in new and existing Franchises.

One of the big highlights of this month’s update is the change to CPU quarterback draft logic. EA has implemented a number of AI logic checks that will hopefully result in smarter drafting, especially when it comes to interest in drafting a quarterback in the first round.

As it currently stands, you’ll often see CPU-led teams replace a rookie quarterback after their first season. While teams sometimes select top quarterbacks in back-to-back drafts — the Arizona Cardinals come to mind with Josh Rosen and Kyler Murray — it’s rare. In Madden 21, it happens if a rookie quarterback’s overall is lower than an incoming prospect.

To address this, EA has implemented a number of logic checks that will help guide whether a CPU team is interested in drafting a quarterback in the first round. Using a series of settings, a team will evaluate their current roster and the previous draft picks made during the last two years.

Here is the new draft logic:

"When a CPU team is on the clock, they will now deprioritize drafting a first round QB if:Their current starting QB was a 1st round pick in the last two DraftsTheir current starting QB was a 2nd/3rd round pick in the last two DraftsAnd has a Normal Dev and 72+ OVRAnd has Star or higher Dev traitTheir current starting QB is a 94+ OVRTheir current starting QB is 87+ OVR and 32+ years oldTheir current starting QB is 74+ OVR and < 29 years oldTheir current backup QB is a Star or higher Dev Trait and < 28 years oldIf a team’s current starting QB is over 35, the team will consider drafting a replacement."

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Now, this isn’t to say that a CPU team won’t sometimes break these rules. As EA notes, “a team decides a player is just too good to pass up,” it may pull the trigger. As long as it doesn’t happen too frequently, I think I’m okay with that. After all, the Draft is full of surprises, as evidenced by the Arizona Cardinals.

The upcoming update will also implement a number of commissioner controls and draft tools to help improve the overall quality of franchise mode. This includes X-Factor customization tools, the ability to undo free agent signings, pause/resume the draft, and assign autopilot in the draft.

As I mentioned this is the second of three planned updates for Franchise mode. The next update is slated to targeted to arrive in February and will feature trade logic improvements along with Franchise League History stats.