Animal Crossing: New Horizons kicked off 2021 with a New Year’s Eve party

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2020, the most Final Fantasy-end boss of years, is behind us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons helped bury it with an adorable New Year’s Eve party.

2020 is now behind us. Where 2020 once creepily stood outside our bedroom windows looking in and never blinking it is now gone, albeit, in its place stands a very similar looking someone with a large 1 scrawled over its face. In a time of pandemics and political woes, it really wasn’t something I felt like celebrating, especially as you couldn’t.

Though, Time Square in New York was really funny. Whoever had the idea to fill Time Square with wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube men is just a master level troll.

What did I do for New Year’s Eve? I spent it with the people who stuck with me through the pandemic. Not my wife and kids, they were asleep, I’m talking about the people in my Animal Crossing town of Galifrey.

Getting on on New Year’s Eve gets you an announcement from a very festive Isabelle who, apparently, had a VERY different 2020 from the rest of the world.

The big thing with this day is that you cannot access the town hall all day. There is a massive countdown timer blocking the door. Isabelle and Tom Nook are outside in the town square all dudded up. Isabelle gives you a limited-time item, a glow stick, that you can wave over your head. Tom Nook is, of course, making money selling stuff. You can buy 5 packs of party poppers and a limited New Years’ hat in the color of your choice.

Over time, as it got closer to midnight, more and more of my town showed up. The game has a hard time supporting more than 10 characters at once so, with seven villagers, Isabelle, Nook and me that meant Lucky, Snake and Zell were staying in tonight (though I could still visit them to find them standing around in their home humming to themselves…which is normal.

Chatting with everyone was cute as you got to hear their thoughts for the following year along with some of their anxieties.

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About five minutes in the camera’s perspective (as long as I stood in the Town Square) changed to a more zoomed out view centering the count down clock on an angle where I could see everyone and a clear view of the sky as well. About one minute to go the timer started to beep and everyone turned and looked at the clock. Everyone busted out their glowsticks. I followed along.

Thirty seconds to go and the timer got louder. The camera slowly panned upwards a little bit. Tension started to build.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6…

Happy 2021 everyone. Here’s looking forward to what this new year may bring.