PUBG Season 10 introduces Haven, new map with fast-paced urban combat

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PUBG Season 10 delivers a new urban battleground named “Haven”, a new Survivor Pass, Emergency Parachutes, and much more.

PUBG has revealed its plans for Season 10 which includes a new map named “Haven” coming to PC on Dec. 16 and Console on Dec. 17. The new battleground will be PUBG’s smallest map to-date promoting urban warfare combat across the map’s tall buildings and congested streets.

The fast-paced map will also feature a new division of AI known as the “Pillar”, presenting a new challenge for players while they hide, seek, and survive. Unlike the bots currently found in unranked matches, the “Pillar” and their advanced weaponry will be a formidable combatant for survivors descending onto Haven.

Considering Haven is a 1×1 map that naturally encourages early-game combat, matches will only hold 32 players. That excludes the “Pillar” who roam the map and are tasked with defending high-loot areas from those brave enough to confront them. If the Pillar Soldiers aren’t tough enough, their Scout Helicopter and Tactical Truck should be enough to make players think twice about their next move. If detected by the Scout Helicopter’s spotlight you can expect some additional backup from the nearest Tactical Truck. Engaging with the truck isn’t recommended due to the high-powered guns mounted on top.

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To help evade the dangerous new faction on Haven, you may want to get familiar with some of the map’s designated locations.

  • Carbon Steelworks
    Located in the middle of Haven, Carbon Steelworks will provide players a great vantage point to begin engaging enemies. Don’t worry about landing up top, that’s what your emergency parachute it for.
  • Coal Yards
    Set to the East of Haven, Coal Yards is littered with industrial equipment and poor lighting. While it may be a difficult spot to fight from, it’s a great spot to remain undetected.
  • Industrial Zone
    Factories and warehouse buildings fill the area to the north of Haven. These structures will provide players with great cover and sightlines.
  • Residential Zone
    High-rise buildings and crowded streets are prevalent in the Residential Zone. Players will fight across rooftops in this high-risk area that offers the biggest reward.
  • The Docks
    These well-lit docks are a place to take cover and board barges that provide players with a means of transportation.
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Season 10 also introduces a brand-new mechanic for PUBG players that could be useful in many scenarios. The Emergency Parachute will allow players to redeploy their parachute when dropping from elevated positions. It’s unclear whether or not the parachute is one-time use and must be looted, or if it’s a new feature always available. Either way, this is a very welcomed feature and something I wouldn’t mind seeing on every PUBG map.

Haven is focused on urban warfare and that means fighting from rooftops around the map, the emergency parachute allows players to take advantage of the high ground without punishing anyone who dared to play from above.

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Season 10 will also feature the new Survivor Pass: Breakthrough. The premium pass has 100-levels to progress through, complete with rewards to unlock as you explore Haven. The Survivor Pass ends in three months, so get started today!