Cyberpunk 2077’s first reviews are very mixed

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Some people have gotten the chance to play and review Cyberpunk 2077 and so far the reviews have been mixed and underwhelming.

Cyberpunk 2077 is almost ready to be released to the public. After many years and tons of delays, the wait is finally over. However, some gamers have gotten to play and review the game before the official release. This game has a lot of hype packed behind it and gamers are expecting this game to crazy successful. It appears from the early reviews that many people have had mixed feelings about the game so far.

Just like any video game, you are going to get people who love it and who hate it. However, no one expected Cyberpunk 2077’s reviews to be as mixed as they are right now. Gamespot has reviewed Cyberpunk 2077 and has given the game a 7/10. Gamespot describes Cyberpunk 2077 as follows:

"“It’s hard to get into Cyberpunk 2077’s world in general. So much of it is superficial set dressing, and there’s so much happening all around you—ads going off at all times, gunfights breaking out in the streets, texts coming in about cars you’ll never buy—that a lot of the game feels superfluous. The side quests and the characters they showcase are the shining beacons through the neon-soaked bleakness of Night City, and they give you room to explore the best the core RPG mechanics have to offer. These are what carried me through an otherwise disappointing experience.”"

From a company like Gamespot, that type of review is devastating given the fact that this game was rarely to have any reviews like that one. However, IGN, which is one of the biggest video game outlets, rated Cyberpunk 2077 a 9/10 and had the following to say about the game:

"“Cyberpunk 2077 kicks you into its beautiful and dazzlingly dense cityscape with few restrictions. It offers a staggering amount of choice in how to build your character, approach quests, and confront enemies, and your decisions can have a tangible and natural-feeling impact on both the world around you and the stories of the people who inhabit it. Those stories can be emotional, funny, dark, exciting, and sometimes all of those things at once. The main quest may be shorter than expected when taken on its own and it’s not always clear what you need to do to make meaningful changes to its finale, but the multitude of side quests available almost from the start can have a surprisingly powerful effect on the options you have when you get there. It’s a shame that frustratingly frequent bugs can occasionally kill an otherwise well-set mood, but Cyberpunk 2077’s impressively flexible design makes it a truly remarkable RPG.”"

Two of the biggest video game companies with two completely opposite opinions on the game. One thing that all reviewers have been able to agree on so far is that the game consists of a lot of bugs. I am not talking about the creepy-crawly ones either, but rather the ones that make the game less enjoyable to play because they prevent technical problems for the gamers.

Most of the bugs described so far have been certain objects not loading/appearing into the game, dialogue from characters glitching out, and sometimes characters posing in ways that they should be posing at that particular time. While most of these bugs won’t prevent you from progressing through the game, some people have stated that there have been cases where they had to restart certain segments because the glitches have been overwhelming.

CD Projekt will no doubt fix any problems that are voiced their way, but after all the delays and years prior to the game being released you would think that most of these things would have been taken care of. It is not “if” these problems will be fixed, it is “how long” will it take to fix these issues. These reviews are just the pre-reviews before the game has even been officially released. Once the game is officially released to everyone on December 10th, 2020, it will be very interesting to see how the consensus of the public feels about this game.

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Reviews are simply just reviews. I have played games with terrible reviews and ended up liking them. I have also played video games with good reviews and ended up hating the game. The only official way you will know if you like the game would be to buy the game on December 10th and play it for yourself.

For the early reviews coming out as of now, it looks to be that Cyberpunk 2077 has been split right down the middle, but I am confident that once the bugs are all fixed up this game will be leaning towards the success that the hype has built up. If I had to predict, I think that the public will have better things to say once the game is officially released.