Colorblind-friendly gaming: How is the industry evolving?

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Peripherals and Add-Ons for Colorblind Support

While the trend towards colorblind options is a move in the right direction, settings in new titles won’t do much for those wanting to play games developed in the past. Even if all major titles offer colorblind support going forward, there will still be a massive backlog of games that are inaccessible to people with color vision deficiencies.

New peripherals may help bridge this gap.

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There’s already a fairly healthy market for phone and computer peripherals, like PC and smartphone blue light filters that can help reduce eye strain. Now, manufacturers are investigating how similar tools could make gaming more accessible.

Lens manufacturer Gaming Advantage, for example, is set to release a new set of glasses designed to make it easier for colorblind gamers to play video games without colorblind video settings.

The glasses work on the same principle as blue light smartphone filters, with special lenses that filter out potentially harmful blue light, helping wearers to parse on-screen visual information.

As accessibility becomes a bigger topic in the world of game development, it’s likely that we’ll see even more products like these glasses.

How Devs Are Supporting Colorblind Gamers

The addition of colorblind options in some of the latest titles shows how the industry is moving forward on accessibility. While things aren’t perfect yet, and many games still launch without features for those with color vision deficits, new peripherals and tools are likely to make the industry a much more welcoming place for colorblind gamers in the near future.