PS5 not charging DualSense controller in Rest Mode and possible fix for it

Image taken by Matthew Liebl of App Trigger, used by permission.
Image taken by Matthew Liebl of App Trigger, used by permission. /

A bug with the PS5 is preventing owners from charging their DualSense controller via the system’s front USB port. Here’s a possible fix.

Well, another bug has been discovered with the PlayStation 5 and this time I can confirm it to be true as I’ve experienced the issue. As you may have seen, or possibly noticed, the PS5 doesn’t seem to be charging the DualSense controller when in standby.

There are multiple complaints on social media and I, too, have experienced the issue. I routinely keep my PS5 in standby mode and plug my DualSense in to charge when I’m sleeping. Well, when I woke up this morning, I got a low battery notification. This is apparently a common problem as social media is filled with complaints of people experiencing the same issue.

Well, I have somewhat good news. While Sony has not directly addressed the issue causing the problem yet, it seems we’ve diagnosed the problem and at least have a temporary solution.

It seems the problem stems from using PS5’s front USB port to charge the DualSense. Multiple users, myself included, were able to fix the problem by simply plugging the controller charger into the console via the back USB. While this did seem to be a temporary solution for my problem, it doesn’t sound like a consistent fix as some owners claim even the back USB port isn’t charging the controller.

It’s also worth mentioning that the PlayStation 5 has certain power settings that may be preventing you from charging your DualSense while in rest mode. Make sure you have the Rest mode charging functionality turned on by following these directions:

  • Go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode, and set Supply Power to USB Ports to Always or 3 Hours.

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You’ll be able to tell if your DualSense is charging while in rest mode because the light on the controller will be glowing orange. Of course, if you’re experiencing the USB bug, then you’ll still encounter the problem even when you do have that setting turned on.

This is the latest in a string of bugs and other issues being reported since the PlayStation 5’s launch last week. There have been reports of a download queue bug as well as database corruption, both of which require users to reset their PS5 to factory settings and losing everything installed on the harddrive.

How to reset your PlayStation 5 to factory default settings. light. Also

Hopefully, this USB charging issue can be solved via a software update and isn’t actually faulty hardware.