Rocket League Haunted Hallows: How to unlock Ghostbusters items

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Rocket League Haunted Hallows event challenges will unlock Ghostbusters-themed items.

Rocket League’s Halloween event, Haunted Hallows, returns today (October 20). This year’s event features special Ghostbusters-themed cosmetic items and best of all, they are completely free.

All you need to do to unlock these limited time, special cosmetics is complete in-game challenges. The Haunted Hallows event runs through November 2, so you have some time but it’s best not to wait last minute.

Some of the cosmetics require little effort, such as using certain quick chats in online matches. Others require a bit of skill, like earning MVP honors. Some you’ll probably earn naturally just by playing the game enough.

Ghostbusters Avatar Border: Use the “Nice Shot!” or “Nice One!” or “Okay.” quick chats in 10 online matches

GhostBusters Player Banner: Get 5 goals, assists or saves in online matches

Ghostbusters Wheels: Earn 2 MVP honors in online matches

Stay Puft Topper: Get 10 saves or epic saves in online matches

Stay Puft Wheels: Win 2 online matches in a row

Ectoplasm Boost: Score 5 total goals in online matches

Mood Slime Boost: Gain 3 XP levels

Ghost Trap Topper – Get 20 centers or clears in online matches

Slimer Topper: Get 10 assists in online matches

Ecto-1 Player Banner: Get 3 assists in online matches

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In addition to these free items, the Item Shop will feature additional Ghostbusters items that you can purchase, such as the return of the Ecto-1, as well as previous Haunted Hallows items, like the Reaper Goal explosion.

If you’re a fan of Ghostbusters, these are some pretty sweet rewards. And the fact that they are free, in a game that’s already free-to-play, is just icing on the cake.

In addition to these items, Haunted Hallows will feature two Limited Time Modes. Haunted Heatseeker will run from October 20-26 and will be played in a spooky new Haunted Urban Area. Then, from October 26-November 2, Spike Rush will be played on night map variants.