Rocket League: Everything to know about Champions Road Event

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If you have been playing Rocket League for almost a decade just like the rest of everyone else, you know that Rocket League is no stranger to adding in new events throughout the year. Rocket League’s latest event is called the Champions Road Event. The Champions Road Event celebrates all the champions in the world of Rocket League over the next couple of weeks.

Champions Road Event Details

If you log onto Rocket League over the next couple of weeks between August 2 and August 16, you can participate in the Champions Road Event. Not everyone is a pro when it comes to car soccer, but this event allows everyone to at least experience what it is like to be a champion.

For the duration of this event there are 12 challenges that you can complete. These challenges are fairly easy and can all be done in one sitting if you plan on grinding them out. The rewards for each challenge vary, ranging from RLCS wheels, toppers, banners, and so many more customization items.

10 of the 12 challenges reward you with customization items while the other two grant a 2023 Golden Trophy and level up. Each of these can be earned more than once by completing the challenge over and over again.

Limited Time Game Modes

It wouldn’t be a Rocket League event without the addition of some limited time game modes. For the first week of the Champions Road Event, you will have the chance to play a Rocket League Classic, 2v2 Heatseeker. In this game mode, the object of the game is to hit the ball to send it into a heatseeking frenzy. Once the ball is hit, it will automatically be sent at high speeds towards the opposite goal.

On August 9 we will say goodbye to 2v2 Heatseeker and hello Boomer Ball. Boomer Ball will keep you on the edge of your seat with its speed. In Boomer Ball, the speed of the ball is increased, and your boost speed is increased as well as having unlimited boost. According to the official Rocket League website, this is “one of the fastest matches you’ll ever play!”

Item Shop Additions

If you are really looking to get the most out of the Champions Road Event, you may want to consider purchasing the 2023 Rocket League World Championship Bundle. This bundle will cost you 1,500 Credits and it includes a RLCS Crystalline Decal, RLCS Crystalline Boost, RLCS Crystalline Wheels, and “PANDEMONIUM” by NF Player Anthem.

Other features you should know about

Painted versions of the popcorn goal explosion are also being released. If you want the chance to get your hands on these or even painted and unpainted Apex Wheels, you need to link your Twitch account to your Epic Games account. Then tune into the Rocket League World Championship and claim all of you rewards.

That just about does it for everything you need to know about the Champions Road Event. If any of this sounds interesting to you, get on the game as soon as possible. Come August 16, this event will be in the rearview mirror and so will all the customization items and additions as well.

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