Paramo: What we know about PUBG’s newest map

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PUBG’s newest map, Paramo, features a volcano environment in South America, scheduled to release on October 21st for PC players, console on the 29th.

PUBG Corp. is expected to release the game’s sixth map as part of the Season 9 update on October 21st for PC, and October 29th for console. Many of the initial images we’ve seen of the new map show a scorched-earth landscape where players fight in the shadow of a volcano, or maybe on top of it. From our limited looks at the map, its clear PUBG has developed another one-of-a-kind battleground for players to explore in Season 9.

Less than two weeks from the release of Season 9 and Paramo, PUBG Corp. has remained fairly secretive about their newest battleground, leaving us to wonder about what Paramo truly looks like. So, we’ve rounded up everything released thus far to help paint the clearest image of what PUBG’s newest map may look like.

Paramo and its looming volcano

From what we’ve seen so far, the principal feature of Paramo looks to be a dark landscape of volcanic rock and smoldering magma, across sprawling highlands covered in fog. How exactly that will look in-game remains to be seen, but the initial images of the map look promising! We’ve also been given an image that shows Paramo in four different variations, similar to the dynamic weather on other maps, however, these variations are much more substantial than just climate.

In PUBG’s latest tease of the new map, a helicopter carrying a large storage container can be seen flying over the described landscape of Paramo. What is hard to tell from this short clip is if this angle is from the playable battleground, or simply a cinematic shot showcasing the features of Paramo. It was first speculated that the map would be nearby a volcano, but we now believe Paramo is set on the side of the volcano.

Community Mystery: the Paramo Stones

Three weeks ago, PUBG Corp. sent out artifacts or “Paramo Stones” to some of the most prominent influencers in the PUBG community. One of those was ‘PlayerIGN’, a well-known name in the community who has contributed greatly to the player base with incredibly informative videos and data-mined releases that generate enthusiasm for upcoming seasons. He has been at the center of this community endeavor to reassemble the nine Paramo stones, which are expected to provide some important backstory of the new map.

The letter received with this stone describes a “Paramo Phenomenon”, something we can only speculate about at this time, though the community already has a few ideas.

Possibly another 2X2 map

Some of the most recent images we’ve seen of the new map indicate that Paramo could have multiple variations. The question is, what causes these variations if not just map-specific weather environments? Well, I have to go back to ‘PlayerIGN’ for his latest video on this subject. He believes that specific points in the recent GIF posted by PUBG France could point towards major leaps in time, perhaps time travel.

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The variations to Paramo could represent various moments in time, but they may also represent the before, during, and after moments of a catastrophic volcanic eruption. This would explain the noticeable changes across the map and still be considered a “Paramo Phenomenon”. A point made in the video that I completely agree with is that if the same map has multiple variations, it would make sense that the map is another 2X2 km like Karakin. The effort needed to recreate the same map four times over at the scale of Erangel or Miramar would be staggering. That’s why I’m expecting Paramo to be PUBG’s second 2X2 map to date, supported by some very exciting features.

I assume we’ll learn much more about the new map as we get closer to October 21st, but until then, we’ll continue trying to learn as much as possible from the images we have!