Warframe: Nezha Prime and the Deimos Arcana update detailed

Detailing the upcoming content updates for Warframe, including a new Prime and Halloween event.

Donation goals have been met for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre fundraiser, so as a way of giving back to not just fighting against cancer, Warframe players will now have a weekend-long double affinity booster. Players can also buy a free Conquera Syandana in the market right now. Staying in line with the community, Warframe has also been nominated for best game community for 2020 in the Golden Joystick Awards.

Following that, next week there will be a Halloween event in the game— the Nights of Naberus. From what was previewed, it seems as if the items from the Plague Star event are coming over to this. Best of all, this event isn’t too far away as it’ll be live on all platforms next week and accessed through Daughter in the Necralisk on Deimos.

Deimos will also be getting an expansion too. In what is called the “Deimos Arcana” update, we should be seeing an expansion for the underground portion of the Cambion Drift. There will be additional subterranean bounties, isolation vault bounty changes, as well as a new Necramech to acquire. This mech is called the Bone Widow and will be more melee-oriented. New lore and dialogue will come too as well as bringing Necramech levels up to rank 40 for better mod customization.

Coming in this update will also be increased Necramech mod drop rates as well as an expansion to the infested arsenal. Acquisition of these infested weapons are to be determined; are they going to be acquired through Father in the Necralisk or researched in the bio lab in the Dojo?

Shown off were the infested arm cannon, war fans, nunchaku, and two weapons that really caught my eye. One was an infested beam pistol with a throwing reload animation, which is exactly reminiscent to how Tediore guns reload in Borderlands. Another one is an explosive bow that has this tendril mechanic that seems to tether enemies. There will also be new enemies for us to fight against out in the Cambion Drift; one of them being something the devs called “legs” and more!

With this update coming soon, the highest Mastery leveled players would be close or able to hit rank 30. Players who do hit 30 will be granted access to “true mastery tests”, gifted 3 Umbra Formas, 15 loadout slots, 30 riven slots, “true master” chat emojis and an emote, a platinum Lotus landing craft ornament, legendary ranks, and relay blessings. A lot of this is cosmetic and just cool freebies for the top of the top, but what caught my eye once again are the relay blessings.

As far as what was said, relay blessings are this one-time daily boost that rank 30 players can bestow to all players in a certain relay. These boosts include things like damage buffs, extra affinity, and I assume with that in mind, double resource, mod drop chance, or resource drop chance boosts as well. There will be a terminal in the main room of a relay where only rank 30 players can access and provide such things. More is to come at a later date.

Warframe - Nezha Prime

Digital Extremes

The most important topic on the stream, however, was the unveiling of the next prime Warframe. Nezha Prime will be the next frame to get the prime treatment. This debut was different though, and I hope Digital Extremes keeps doing things like this for players who are watching the stream or playing the game.

There was a limited time “Devstream Relay” where players could lounge around and see the fully rendered models for upcoming content. Nezha Prime was showcased in real-time to players in that specific relay, building a sense of a digital community and commenting as things went live.

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Other tidbits covered throughout the stream were things like the much needed Mirage Deluxe skin, the name reveal for the alchemist Warframe— Lavos, spitballed concepts for Corpus Liches, and a fourth “Warframe revisited” update. Hopefully, at least in the revisited update, we’ll get an idea where Warframe will be once the new console generation rolls in and how players from the previous-gen can transition into it.