Rocket League: How to get items for your vehicle for free

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Rocket League has been updated by Psyonix to have a brand new feel to the game. Since the update, there are more ways to get free vehicle items.

Psyonix just recently released the brand new update on September 23 that has made Rocket League more up-to-date along with making the game free for anyone who wants to download it. With the new update, they also have revamped the Rocket League challenges along with tournaments. After almost a week since the update has been released, I believe that this has been the best update that Psyonix has released for the game since its release in 2015.

One thing that Psyonix really did to make the game more enjoyable in the new update is the flexibility to get more items for your vehicles without having to dish out $25 to unlock a Black Market decal. Some of the challenges for Season 1 of Rocket League give you XP for completion, while some of the challenges give you these item orbs that you are able to open for free and have a chance to pull some unique items for your vehicle that vary in rarity. The rarity of the item differs based on what rarity the orb is, but nonetheless, you never know when you might get one of these item orbs and depending on the rarity you might end up pulling something that suits your needs.

On the other hand, one of the coolest features in this new Rocket League update so far has definitely been the competitive tournaments. There has always been the option to create your own tournaments and have random people join and do battle that way, but there were no rewards for those type of tournaments except for pure bragging rights. However, now Rocket League has these competitive tournaments that are hosted by Psyonix and Rocket League themselves where there is more than just bragging rights at stake.

There are usually three tournaments scheduled throughout the day. Most days the tournaments are scheduled at 5pm CT, 8pm CT, and 11pm CT. All tournaments are 3v3 at this moment and I am sure down the line Rocket League will expand on these and do tournaments of all sorts.

But for now all these tournaments are 3v3. With these new tournaments come the new tournament in-game currency. The farther that you progress in these tournaments the more tournament credits that you will receive. The game also keeps track of your top 3 tournament finishes for the week and your higher placements for the will also get you a boost in tournament credits.

These credits are going to be a major way to redeem them for free items for your vehicle. You don’t have to pay a single penny to receive any of the tournament credits and you can redeem those tournament credits for a chance to get some pretty rare rewards. Those tournament credits can be redeemed for Cups of four levels of rarity. The higher rarity of Cup, the higher chance of unlocking an item of higher rarity.

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Some of the items you can receive in these Cups are wheels, animated Decals, and even Goal Explosions. You may even get some of these items certified or painted as well. The even cooler part is that you are able to get exotic items and even Black Market items from them if you are lucky as well. Plus, if you win a tournament, you’ll get a Title that shows off the Rank of the Tournament you won. Winning three similarly ranked tournaments throughout a season will grant you a colored Title at that Rank.

These are going to be your best bet to get items in Rocket League for simply no cost at all. With the way that Rocket League does their blueprints, it would cost you tons of money to deck out your vehicle if you focused solely on blueprints.

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If you haven’t gotten a chance to download and play Rocket League, now is definitely the time to do so. If you are looking for a game that is entertaining to pass the time, Rocket League is definitely a must for your video game collection. With all the updates that the game has just received, I cannot wait to see what else is in store for this game.