TFT patch 10.20 looks to nerf Cultist and Dusk

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Riven, Sunfire Cape and Sett are among the nerfs coming with TFT: Fates patch 10.20

Teamfight Tactics: Fates, or Set 4 of Riot’s auto-battler, is set to receive its first update since launch. For the most part, I’d say Set 4 is the most balanced the game has been in quite some time. While you do have your strong comps, I’ve definitely seen more variety in winning compositions thanks, in part, to the new Chosen mechanic introduced in TFT: Fates.

Still, there are some tweaks that need to be made and patch 10.20, is set to address some of the more overpowered traits and champions. Riot has released a tentative list of changes coming with patch 10.20 this Wednesday. Specific numbers aren’t included, but here’s when you can expect when the first update for Set 4 rolls around.

Looking at these changes, it’s hard not to agree with what is being nerfed. Cultist and Dusk are two of the strongest comps int he game right now. Dusk’s nerf is likely a result of the nerf Riven will get. Seriously, you can stack defensive items on her like Sunfire Cape (also getting nerfed) and Quicksilver Sash and she’s practically unkillable.

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Cultist is another strong trait, especially early game. I’m willing to wager Riot will be nerfing the trait’s early game power. I’d recommend leaving it as is for the max 9 Cultist buff because you should feel powerful if you can accomplish that.

Sett is another champion getting nerfed and he probably needs it. A one-star Sett with the right items can absolutely devastate a team.

As for the buffs, Fortune, Keeper and Mage are the three traits. I think all three of them need it. Moonlight isn’t noted, but I do see buffs for Diana and Lissandra as well, two champions I consider to be among the worst early game.

The Mage buff is an interesting one simply because I’ve seen the potential it has. For some reason though, not a whole lot of people run it right now. That could change with the buffs.

Overall, I’d say it looks like a series of good changes for TFT: Fates. High elo brackets are seeing mostly variations of Brawler, Cultist and Dusk with Sett as a primary carry, so this will hopefully address,