Marvel’s Avengers gets massive update with over 1,000 fixes

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Marvel’s Avengers patch v1.3.0 is out now and address over 1,000 issues.

There’s no doubt Marvel’s Avengers is a fun game. Who doesn’t like suiting up as your favorite superhero and smashing enemies to bits?

But despite the fun gameplay, Marvel’s Avengers has been sort of hamstrung since launch by the large amounts of bugs and glitches. I’ve had my health bar disappear, enemies float through walls, patterns disappear, the list goes on. If you’ve played Marvel’s Avengers, it’s almost certain that you’ve shared a similar buggy experience.

Looking to address the many issues, Crystal Dynamics has released a new update, patch v1.3.0. As the first “major” patch for Marvel’s Avengers, it supposedly features fixes for over 1,000 issues.

First of all, that’s a lot of issues. The specific focus of this patch was to fix these bugs, but additional “near-term” patches are planned with the hopes of integrating more quality-of-life adjustments and features based on player feedback.

As for patch v1.3.0, the entire patch notes are over on Crystal Dynamics’ website. The list is long but definitely worth reading through as there are fixes for the game’s multiplayer and matchmaking, art and animation, user interface, combat, gear challenges and rewards, and more.

The max cap for all Units and Resources for storage is now set to 65,000 and an issue where resources would disappear at 32,000 has been fixed. If you lost a large number of Units during this bug, Crystal Dynamics urges you to contact Square customer service. They’ve also resolved the bug that caused campaign outfits to randomly disappear; however, Iconic Outfits may still be missing or locked. Crystal Dynamics was unable to fix that problem but they are investigating it.

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As someone who has played the game since launch, it’s nice to see such a hefty patch get released. Marvel’s Avengers is definitely a fun game but it was like it was actively trying to get me to stop playing with all of the frustrating bugs and annoyances. Specifically, the matchmaking issues were a huge turnoff. J

Just the other night I was on level 5 of a Hive mission and got randomly disconnected. Not cool. Or the other day I was playing and couldn’t see mine or the enemies’ health. And in the campaign, as I was playing as Hulk at the very end, my power level did not match that of the enemies so I had to pause the campaign and go into the Avengers Initiative to level up my Power. These are all annoyances that hinder the overall experience but hopefully, this patch makes things better.