Astro Gaming reveals Gen 2 A20 wireless gaming headset for Xbox Series X and PS5


Astro Gaming revealed their second generation A20 wireless gaming headset earlier this month designed for Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

As we approach the November launch for Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, and Sony’s PlayStation 5, gaming equipment companies are revealing their new line of headsets. Earlier this month, Astro Gaming revealed their second generation of the Astro A20 wireless gaming headset, designed for the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Coming in at $119.99, the Astro A20 gives gamers a quality wireless headset at a pricepoint less than the $150 you usually have to spend to get a decent wireless gaming headset. The Gen 2 A20 features a wireless range of 15 meters, a 15+ hour battery life, a flip to mute microphone, and three EQ presets — ASTRO (precise bass and general gaming), PRO (mid and high details for streaming and pro gaming) and STUDIO (good for movies and music).

As always, Astro nails the design of their headset. The Gen 2 A20 doesn’t appear too bulky, and has a sleek design that comes in black/white/green for Xbox consoles, and black/white/blue for PlayStation consoles. The over-ear cloth cushions house 40mm drivers.

Each headset comes with one USB transmitter, required to connect wireless to console and PC. The Xbox version is compatible with Xbox and PC (not compatible with PlayStation), while the PlayStation version is compatible with PlayStation consoles and PC (not with Xbox). If you want to seamlessly connect to both your console and PC without moving the USB transmitter, Astro is selling extra USB transmitters.

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If you already own an Astro Gaming headset, the company outlined on its blog that its entire line of gaming headsets feature full compatibility with the Xbox Series X and PS5. They list how every headset will work with their respective console, with some requiring a firmware update. The Gen 2 A20 wireless headset requires the included USB transmitter for both new consoles.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming headset due to age, wear, or just want a new one, don’t let the new consoles coming out stop you. Astro, as well as Turtle Beach, have detailed repeatedly that their headsets work with both the current and next console generation. The headsets are future proof.

The Astro A20 is available for pre-order for $119.99 and will ship in October, giving you a month to enjoy it before the new consoles arrive. The Astro A20 USB Transmitter will be available in October for $19.99.