Madden 21: 10 fastest quarterbacks (QBs) at launch

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Here are the fastest quarterbacks in Madden 21 at launch.

With the emergence of quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray, fans and GMs are starting to take notice of the importance of having a dual-threat quarterback. Having the ability to scramble and avoid pressure to extend the play can not only help keep offensive drives alive but also result in some home run touchdown plays.

How many times have we seen Jackson make plays with no only his arm, but his legs too? Russell Wilson has been doing it for years.

In Madden 21, here are some of the fastest quarterbacks in the game at launch. Keep in mind that with weekly updates, this list could become outdated but we’

Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

  • 96 Speed
  • 96 Acceleration
  • 95 Agility
  • 94 Overall

Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals)

  • 91 Speed
  • 92 Acceleration
  • 90 Agility
  • 77 Overall

Taysom Hill (New Orleans Saints)

  • 90 Speed
  • 89 Acceleration
  • 85 Agility
  • 64 Overall

Marcus Mariota (Oakland Raiders)

  • 88 Speed
  • 90 Acceleration
  • 88 Agility
  • 68 Overall

Trace McSorley (Baltimore Ravens)

  • 87 Speed
  • 88 Acceleration
  • 84 Agility
  • 54 Overall

Tyrod Taylor (Los Angeles Chargers)

  • 87 Speed
  • 90 Acceleration
  • 80 Agility
  • 69 Overall

Cole McDonald (Tennessee Titans)

  • 86 Speed
  • 89 Acceleration
  • 80 Agility
  • 60 Overall

Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles)

  • 86 Speed
  • 89 Acceleration
  • 88 Agility
  • 68 Overall

Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

  • 86 Speed
  • 90 Acceleration
  • 83 Agility
  • 97 Overall

Tyler Huntley (Baltimore Ravens)

  • 86 Speed
  • 89 Acceleration
  • 86 Agility
  • 58 Overall

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It should come as no surprise that Lamar Jackson, the Madden 21 cover athlete, is the fastest quarterback in the game. He led the NFL in rushing yards as a quarterback last season with a whopping 1,206.

Kyler Murray was next on the list with 544 yards on 93 attempts, so it’s fitting he’s also high on the list.

If you’re looking for a dual-threat quarterback to build your team around in Madden 21, I would have to recommend Jalen Hurts. He’s a rookie so he’s got plenty of time to grow and develop and at 68 overall he probably won’t cost you an arm and a leg like Jackson or Murray would.

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Alternatively, some notable omissions from this list include Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) who with 85 speed is just outside the top 10. He’s not exactly a burner, but we’ve all seen what he can do with his legs. There’s also Robert Griffin III on the Baltimore Ravens with 85 speed and a 66 overall rating. Interestingly, you have to go pretty far down the list to find Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who begins Madden 21 with just 81 speed, although he did just have hip surgery.