Fall Guys receives a ‘sneaky update’ filled with lots of surprises

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What’s new in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout sneaky update?

Today, internet darling and official Twitter account for the battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout announced they dropped a new “SNEAKY UPDATE” into their game.

Obviously, this is pretty exciting as the developer included numerous changes based on community feedback. Let’s break down the four things included in this update.

Valve costumes coming to the PS4 version is nice because, honestly, there are some cool-looking costumes. These include Gordon Freeman’s from Half-Life (insert HL3 confirmed joke here), The Scout from Team Fortress 2 and Peabody and Chell from the Portal games. All awesome.

The max player count for Fall Mountain is now 15. This is a welcomed change because Fall Mountain is kind of a mess sometimes with too many players. This should make it a lot more fun.

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The Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timers being adjusted are also super nice because I just want those done as soon as possible. Speaking of wanting them done, no more back to back team games made me swoon. Team games almost always have me screaming at society as a whole.

The other thing they’ve done, which is sort of a double-edged sword, is they’ve temporarily disabled Jump Showdown as people have found an obnoxious exploit that allows them to hang off the final platform and just wait to win. It’ll be disabled until the patch in a fix for it.

Unfortunately, even with all of these changes, there was still one huge request that was not addressed. There is still a yellow team in team games and… come on guys, I love you but the colorblind community is huge and they’re all unable to see the correct team when these guys are in play.

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Hopefully, that gets fixed really soon. That aside, the other changes are pretty exciting and it’s good to see a developer listen, mostly, to their community.