MLB The Show 20: 7th inning bosses, new player programs revealed

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Bryce Harper, Frank Thomas and Walter Johnson are MLB The Show 20’s 7th inning bosses.

Sony San Diego leaked one of the MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty bosses again. Players spotted an unknown card in a Twitter post celebrating National Baseball Card Day August 9. Players almost immediately figured out it was Bryce Harper. The card had the Awards style, so players further suspected it would be his 2015 MVP season. The 2015 card was in the game as a flashback in both 18 and 19. A return was expected for a while. This post seemingly confirmed his return would be as one of the 7th inning bosses.

Sony San Diego’s live stream Thursday confirmed players’ suspicions. Walter Johnson and Frank Thomas join Harper as Diamond Dynasty’s 7th inning bosses. Both Thomas and Johnson had legend cards earlier in the year. Thomas had a veteran card from his time with the A’s and Johnson had a veteran card as the Twins collection reward.

Thomas looks to be another solid bench bat with absurd power and fielding above his numbers. Johnson has one of the best fastballs in the game and maxed-out control. Johnson has better attributes than even Corey Kluber, one of the best pitchers in the game.

The live stream also revealed the next player program: Nelson Cruz. The card celebrates his 2015 Silver Slugger season. The card is loaded with power. The henchmen were revealed to be pitcher Mark Buehrle, Matt Carpenter and Sergio Romo.

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For pitcher Blake Treinen and Cincinnati Reds legend Brandon Phillips, the last two player programs have been rather frustrating for many players. Their moments have rather difficult to complete; they often require skill sets that the cards just aren’t built to do. The upcoming player program’s moments haven’t been revealed, but here’s hoping they’re feats the card is reasonably capable of.

SDS brought back a classic conquest map: the shark. Last year, the shark map was the best map in terms of rewards. The stakes have been raised this year; the map is stacked with 17 rewards, including seven diamonds.

Earlier in the day, the next PS4 tournament was revealed as the Fall Circuit. Players will compete against each other for a series of prizes. The tournament will take place over five weekends from August 22 to October 24. Entry guarantees 1,000 stubs. The winner will receive $15,000, a team-branded recliner, a custom jersey, a hat, an authentic game ball from the World Series and over a million stubs. The tournaments have been one of the lesser parts of Diamond Dynasty this year; if you’re willing to grind it out, though, it might just be worth it. The tournament is unfortunately limited to people 18 and over and residents and U.S. and Canada.

The live stream also teased a gold glove legend and Signature Series closer as flawless rewards for Battle Royale.

All of this content drops Friday, April 14.