Avowed ‘insider’ shares details and they sound amazing

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Leaked details for Avowed tease a very promising setup for Obsidian’s RPG.

Following the reveal of Avowed last week, a self-proclaimed insider has come forth with new details about Obsidian Entertainment’s intriguing new first-person role-playing game.

Avowed was announced with a simple CGI trailer that simply reinforced the notion first-person aspect with a focus on swordplay and magic spellcasting. It was later confirmed that the game will be set in Eora, the same world as Pillars of Eternity. Everything beyond this was simply speculation.

Now this self-proclaimed insider who goes by the name “Sponger” on Resetera has come forth with all-new supposed details. Assuming this information is legitimate, Avowed is going to be an ambitious game.

For starters, the world of Avowed is said to be larger than that of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda’s RPG featured a sprawling open-world but Avowed will be larger in the sense that it’ll be “denser.” There are supposedly two large main cities set in very contracting wild-areas with smaller ones in between. “Iconic landmarks, statues and buildings” will also be present in the world.

Here’s where things start to sound even more impressive though. Avowed will feature a realtime weather system with fog being “very important as a realtime element.” Sponger didn’t have specifics but overall it sounds like the world will be more reactive and interactive, particularly when it comes to spellcasting. Sponger notes:

"big focus on world-reactivity, lighting and next-gen AI systems and physics (special focus on physics with magic systems – have no clue what would that mean)"

It sounds like your spells will have a direct effect on the world around you, which sounds pretty amazing. That would truly add to the realism of Avowed if you were to cast a spell and see its impact on the surrounding area, like a fire spell burning trees or melting snow.

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Avowed is said to feature a “very advanced” character creation tool and will supposedly offer mod support on PC. Obviously anyone who plays Skyrim knows how big of a deal mods are for a game of this nature. You can unleash some pretty amazing things in-game thanks to community mod support so naturally, this is exciting if true.

Despite being set in Eora, the story will be independent of Pillars of Eternity. Details weren’t offered but there’s a “threat of tyranny” and there will be an emphasis on boss fights.  There’s also mention of the ability to kill anyone/everyone and journeying with companions.

Now look, I don’t know Sponger from the next online forum member. This could all be a bunch of bolognas, although Klobrille, another leaker with a legitimate track record, seemed to vouch for Sponger.

In any case, take all of this with a grain of salt. Avowed is still seemingly very early in development. As the post notes, these things are subject to change throughout the course of development. The post notes a targeted release date of late 2022 or early 2023 so we’re still a far way out. That would make sense considering Obsidian is still working on its survival game Grounded.