EA Sports UFC 4: Breaking down the gameplay improvements

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EA Sports UFC 4 looks to improve upon its predecessor through a series of gameplay improvements

Following its announcement earlier this month, EA has revealed a more in-depth deep dive into the gameplay of EA Sports UFC 4. The newly released trailer focuses specifically on the various gameplay mechanics that have undergone a transformation, including the introduction of Real Player Motion Technology (RPM Tech) which will have the biggest impact on clinches and takedowns.

I’ll be honest, I only recently started getting into professional mixed martial arts. Now I watch the UFC weekly and EA Sports UFC 4 is one of my more anticipated sports games.

I never got the chance to play EA Sports UFC 3, but the game got fairly decent reviews from critics. Fans seemed to be a bit more split although overall it seemed to be a solid representation of mixed martial arts. EA will look to improve upon that gameplay and the trailer below breaks down exactly how that will be accomplished.

Obviously watching a gameplay trailer isn’t indicative of how the game will actually play. MMA is such a dynamic sport with so many elements to a fight.

EA Sports UFC 4 boasts multiple new systems that revamp all of the key aspects of a fight. Players should feel like they have more control over their striking with button inputs that allow them to choose between fast strikes or slower, more powerful blows.

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A major focal point was also placed on battling from the clinch. Let’s be honest, strikers get all the love for their flashy knockouts but a big part of MMA is fighting from the clinch. This is where the fight is usually won.

Through RPM, the clinch should be a more fluid experience “driven by positioning and physical context.” Getting into the clinch looks like a natural progression from striking and once engaged, players can proceed with dirty boxing or attempting a takedown. EA Sports UFC 4 will now take into account more than just a fighter’s attributes when determining the outcome.

The trailer also highlights the improved submission system which now features a more simplified user experience when engaging in the minigames from the ground. And, of course, the signature ground-and-pound moments have also been retooled.

Overall, it looks like EA Sports UFC 4 has made some tremendous strides to more properly reflect the sport in real life. Combat looks slow and methodical based on the trailer but also very intuitive and smooth. If the flow of the fight feels natural, this could be the best game in the series to date. EA Sports UFC 4 will release worldwide on August 14 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.