Ubisoft doesn’t rule out price increase for future Xbox Series X, PS5 games

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Ubisoft could eventually raise the prices of next-gen games but we’re safe for now.

Earlier this month, 2K detailed the release information for NBA 2K21 and in doing so confirmed what we had all feared might happen with the arrival of next-gen consoles: a price increase. It was announced that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions of NBA 2K21 will cost $69.99, a $10 increase from current-gen prices.

While analysts don’t expect every next-gen game to cost this much, it’s very much a possibility that blockbuster franchises will see a price hike in the next generation. These fears weren’t exactly eased when Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot didn’t rule out the possibility. Speaking in a recent conference call, Guillemot said:

"“For the Christmas games, we plan to come [out] with the same price as the previous generation of consoles. That’s what we’re focused on at the moment.”"

Ubisoft currently has three games releasing this holiday season: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion. But on the horizon, they’ve got Far Cry 6 releasing in 2021. They’ve also got a hefty catalog of AAA titles that could probably warrant a price hike. Guillemot was asked a follow-up about games arriving in 2021 and his answer might leave you feeling a bit uneasy.

"“For the $60 price – we are concentrating on the Christmas releases. Those games will launch at $60.”"

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His noncommittal answer certainly seems to suggest a price increase is coming and the only reason we haven’t seen one with games due out this holiday season is because we’re in that weird transitional phase. For example, with Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox One, Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature means those who purchase it at $59.99 for current-gen consoles will get a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version.

Keep in mind, Smart Delivery is an Xbox One feature that publishers can choose to take advantage of. Sony has made no such announcement for PS4 to PS5. On top of that, EA has already announced a similar upgrade program for its own sports titles. But will this exist in the future or are we looking at $69.99 games soon? Only time will tell but if I was a betting man, I’d say get used to paying $69.99 for a AAA blockbuster; or just get Xbox Game Pass.