‘Breaking’ News: Paper Mario: The Origami King bug makes it impossible to beat the game

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A game-breaking glitch has been discovered in Paper Mario: The Origami King

YouTube channel, Nintendo Unity, recently shared a discovery that many other players are discovering in all the wrong ways. There is a glitch in Paper Mario: The Origami King that, if accidentally done, prevents you from beating the game.

As the game does not allow you to have multiple save files (how DARE an RPG not do this in 2020), if you happen to do this and then save, you’re going to be going through the entire game again if you want to see the ending. So while this has some mild story spoilers (mostly about location), it’s worth reading to make sure you don’t “screw the Poochie,” which is a term I can’t confirm is said in the Nintendo America offices.

If you don’t want to watch the video here’s a quick rundown of how to avoid this and I will attempt to keep this as spoiler-free as possible.

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After you defeat the fourth streamer, you’re going to end up visiting a spa. At this spa, you’re given a punch card which you have to take to four different locations. Once you hit up those four locations and bring it back it’s swapped for a VIP pass to get you into a special area.

Here’s the problem; you need to go there. If you decide to give this Toad your pass to get in and then backtrack before you complete that area, he’s going to ask you for another pass to get BACK in. You can’t get another one. It’s a one and done item.

Now, the game throws battles and coins at you and is fairly easy (as I’ve talked about in my parent review) so there shouldn’t be a reason you have to backtrack from this point but there are those people who might, for some reason, get scatterbrained and try to duck back for something.

Long story short, when you use your VIP pass, COMMIT TO THE MISSION. I have no idea when Nintendo is going to patch this, although they are usually really quick to do so as their quality control on game patches is *chef’s kiss*. But in the meantime, I say this once more, once you have given your VIP pass away you have absolutely passed the Rubicon. Do. Not. Go. Back.

You’ve been warned. Now go enjoy this charming and super fun title.