MLB The Show 20: 6th inning content, new player programs revealed

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Greg Maddux, Stan Musial and Jimmy Rollins are the latest MLB The Show 20 bosses

About a week ago, someone at Sony San Diego Studio screwed up. An image containing the 6th inning bosses for MLB The Show 20 was inserted into the game. It became obvious pitcher Greg Maddux, St. Louis legend Stan Musial and shortstop Jimmy Rollins would be the bosses. SDS’ stream on Thursday was still worth watching.

Maddux, Musial and Rollins are immediately among the best players at their position. Rollins in particular might be the best shortstop in the game; he has nearly maxed out fielding and speed attributes as well as top-tier contact and just enough power to hit homers. He’s also a switch hitter. Musial is also pretty nasty. Maxed out contact and top tier power are certainly worth looking at, although bronze fielding and even worse speed leave something to be desired.

The other content revealed during the stream almost functions as a second Diamond Dynasty starter pack. Sony San Diego revealed two new showdowns and stressed how easy the showdowns will be.

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The standalone showdown they revealed is a second starter showdown. Similar to the starter showdown dropped at launch, this showdown will have a card as a reward at the end. The reward for the second starter showdown will be a 95 overall Edwin Encarnacion card. Encarnacion is a first baseman and has the power to be a bench bat at the very least. A 90 overall Breakout Flashback Blake Treinen was added as a standalone player program as well.

Sony San Diego announced a bundle of content related to baseball’s Opening Day. Several moments have already been added to the game focusing on Opening Day matchups. Finishing all of them will net you a free 85-89 overall diamond live series player. That card will be sellable and eligible for use in Team Affinities. They also announced the Baseball’s Back event. The event has no team restrictions, is on All-Star and has 3-inning games. An Awards Andrelton Simmons awaits as the reward.

The 6th inning program drops Friday, July 24. You’ll also be able to get a free diamond player in the shop when the 6th inning drops.