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Hopeful: One final push to revive PvP

Something to go hand-in-hand with dedicated servers would be to have one last try at the Conclave and hope that it brings a stable new life into the game mode. Weapon balancing in it was always an issue, but given that there are hundreds of them that have to be balanced in the PvE side of the game, I cut the devs some slack for having some overpowered weapons slip between the cracks.

I personally really liked the PvP in Warframe while it lasted. No damage mods, no augment mods, it was mostly frames and weapons with no mods. Admittedly, I exploited my movement skills by bullet jumping and sliding across the arenas so fast that it was nearly impossible to kill me. Fighting someone like that can be rather annoying for sure.

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What definitely killed the PvP modes of this game was the fact that you couldn’t play private matches and on top of that, there were no dedicated servers. Oftentimes when I found a game, experiencing the host migration screen was a commonality. Why? Because when the host starts to not be the one at the top of the leaderboard, they quit and start a new session. And what happens then? The lobby is disbanded and no rewards are given.

DE even pushed out this now long and forgotten game mode in the Conclave mode— Lunaro. Yes, it was to capitalize on the growing popularity of Rocket League, but it had something there. It’s just that playing a fast-paced game that requires precision in its combat with a peer-to-peer connection, things start to look obviously faulty.

Adding on to the overall balance of PvP in Warframe, mods shouldn’t even be a thing in general. There should be some kind of perk or different leveling system to unlock tradeoff stats for your weapons, but to outright have mods that give you an edge over other players is very off putting, especially when these mods can either be purchased or acquired by luck.