Obscure indie title Fortnite bravely ends ‘Early Access’

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Fortnite Save the World finally out of Early Access after three years.

I wouldn’t fault you if you missed the launch of an early access title in 2017 called Fortnite. The plucky indie title features bright and colorful cartoonish characters fighting each other in a large open world that some might say were way too similar to another popular game at the time, PUBG. Luckily, as it was a lesser-known indie title, it was able to get away with the plagiarism as few noticed it.

Since then, Fortnite has had a very meager following, barely clearing 350 million players worldwide. Much of the following stays around too because of the game’s constant updates and additional new features, which is surprising as the game barely makes more than two billion in revenue a year. Somehow with that chicken scratch, they’re able to find ways to keep their early access thriving as they figure out how to prepare the game for its initial release.

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Luckily, shortly before coming off early access, they found several other up-and-coming celebrities to help the game gain traction and make more people aware of it. Fresh-faced recent additions to the music scene like Diplo, Young Thung, and Travis Scott have been using Fortnite as a venue to get their names out there as they start careers for themselves.

And low budget, independent director, Christopher Nolan has recently worked with the Fortnite crew to host a “movie night” where several of his films become available to watch in-game. Despite being a small early access title itself, it’s nice of them to allocate their resources to help other lesser-known entities like those listed here to get their names out there. I genuinely wish them luck, especially Christopher Nolan who seems to have a lot of potential.

Now, as the crew behind Fortnite step past the Rubicon and leave their status of “Early Access” behind, it will be interesting to see how they handle this. More than anything, I’m sure Fortnite will continue on the path it has blazed that allowed it to finally, after a three-year struggle, come off Early Access and I’m sure they definitely won’t do anything to cause people to respend the large sum of money its early players/investors have funneled into this obscure title.