Pokemon Sword and Shield: Pokemon Home free starters have hidden abilities

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How to claim your free Galar starters from Pokemon Home.

Recently, Pokemon started a giveaway with Pokemon Home where if you make a trade, you get an extra of all three Galarian starters: Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. I didn’t do this because I thought nothing of it as I had shiny hunted them and was awash in all. But what I didn’t look into was their hidden abilities. These three come with hidden abilities that aren’t normally obtainable in the game and they turn each one into a powerhouse in their own right.

Grookey comes with the ability known as Grassy Surge. Now, while plants are primarily one of the few things in nature that almost never get described as being capable of surging, this ability is incredible as it automatically causes Grassy Terrain the moment it steps out on the field. This is doubly good because when the expansion drops, Grookey will be capable of learning a new move that takes priority when Grassy Terrain is in effect.

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Scorbunny comes with the ability known as Libero. This one is very surprising because it makes Scorbunny more versatile than almost any start Pokemon prior. Libero changes Scorbunny’s type depending on what move it’s currently using. Drop a fighting type move, bam, you got a fighting type Scorbunny. This creates a ton of variation, especially against people online who instinctively throw their water type at you the moment they see this fire child.

And then Sobble; blessed Sobble. Sobble gets a move called Sniper. Sniper raises the power of it’s critical hits. It’s not as flashy as Grookey or Scorbunny’s but Sobble also has a lot of special moves that boost it’s chance of hitting critical. Plus, if you add a status move that raises your crit chances, maybe give it a hold item that raises its crit rate, you got yourself a very slick looking glass cannon.

All of these are available right now through Pokemon Home. All you need to do is transfer a Pokemon from Home to Sword and Shield then hop on the mobile version of Home and hit up your Mystery Gifts where all three will be waiting for you.