VALORANT: Here’s how long it will take to complete the Battlepass

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Riot Games’ competitive shooter VALORANT has launched and with that comes a Battlepass. Here’s how long it will take to complete.

Like many other free to play games, VALORANT features a Battlepass. The tactical first-person shooter officially launched this week and with it, the Act 1 Battlepass. However, unlike most game’s battle passes, VALORANT‘s is a little bit more complicated.

Valorant‘s launch day is considered the start of “Episode 1.” As previously explained, each Episode is made up of Acts, each spanning about two months. Every Act has an associated Battle Pass with 50 tiers and both a free and Premium path. The Battlepass is broken up into 10 Chapters with each Chapter featuring five Premium tiers as well as a free Chapter completion reward that you earn when you complete all of the Premium tiers.

It’s a rather complicated system but now that the explanation is out of the way, let’s get to the real question. How long will it take to complete the VALORANT Battlepass and unlock all of the rewards?

According to VALORANT revenue lead Joe “SWAGGERNAU7” Lee, it will take about 100 hours to complete. His comment comes in response to a Reddit thread that attempted to use math to break down how long someone would have to play each week to complete the Battlepass.

Adding to his tweet, Lee explained how VALORANT will smooth out the experience curves to make progression through the Battlepass seem natural and like less of a grind. Basically, early weekly mission will offer less XP than the later weeklies, giving players enough chance to catch up at the end if they didn’t grind every day throughout the Act.

"Weekly XP’s also scale up in every week to smooth out the experience curves. Just to give you an idea, the first set of weeklies offer 28,350 total XP and the last set of weeklies offer 60,750 total XP. This will help make sure that you’re still able to progress through levels at a healthy clip towards the tail end of a battle pass (rather than just stalling out at the later levels)."

It’s also worth mentioning, that weeklies do not expire until the end of the Act. You’ll have from the moment they unlock until the very end of the Act to try and complete them. VALORANT game designer David “Milkcow” Cole added:

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"We want players to always have an opportunity for the large chunks of XP for their passes no matter when they join, assuming they can finish the weekly sets."

The VALORANT Act 1 Battlepass costs $10. For that price, you’ll get access to the ability to unlock Premium cosmetic rewards exclusive to this specific Act. While the intention is to keep Battpass content exclusive to the Act it is released in, Riot did previously hint at these cosmetics becoming available again in the future.

The developer was looking into a way to introduce legacy Battlepass content from the past, although it won’t be as simple as purchasing it via the store. They only said it would be “much harder to acquire.” Seeing as how we’re only in the first Act of VALORANT, I wouldn’t worry too much about that just yet.