Pandora: Chains of Chaos invites early access madness on July 30

Party Llama Games
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Party Llama Games’ captivating new action-adventure title Pandora: Chains of Chaos will be unleashing on Steam Early Access July 30.

Get ready to bring Party Llama Games’ Pandora: Chains of Chaos to your system. This intriguing new action-adventure game has a Steam Early Access release date of July 30th. The price is also very low for this game at just $4.99.

Party Llama Games also has plans for Pandora: Chains of Chaos to officially launch on Xbox One and Windows PC later this year. Hyping up the latest announcement, we’ve got a new trailer, setting the stage for what looks to be whimsical adventure filled with unintended chaos for the young adventurer, appropriately named Pandora.

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Pandora: Chains of Chaos is a single-player, action-adventure game that focuses on the main character Pandora, who, fittingly enough, has opened a box containing evils that could destroy the world. Now, Pandora has to battle her own curiosity and guilt while also realizing that she has to face demons and monsters.

Pandora: Chains of Chaos is inspired by the Mediterranean coast of Greece mixed with fantasy elements, and it’s clear Party Llama Games has taken great creative direction in establishing this fantasy world. Pandora paints her spectacular world with a mixture of vibrant colors, compelling characters, mythical creatures, and beautiful environments. It embraces a real-time combat system as players will battle the mythological beasts emerging from the darkness with powerful umbrella artifacts left behind by the Gods. As your character levels, you’ll acquire new abilities, skills and other extras that will aid in your battle against the mythical creatures.

Each Umbrella has its own unique ability, harnessing the power of each of the 12 Olympians, including Zeus. Beyond the combat, Pandora: Chains of Chaos seems to have an exploratory focus as well, as you can platform and glide across the environment, discovering hidden places and secret ruins. It does seem like there’s a deeper story than what is being alluded to, one that explores Greek mythology as you complete side quests and additional storylines.