TFT patch 10.11: The final push before the mid-set update

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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch 10.11 went live today, introducing the last set of balance adjustments befor the major mid-set update arrives in June.

While many of us are already looking towards Teamfight Tactics Galaxies patch 10.12 in June, which will bring a ton of changes as part of the massive mid-set update, we’ve still got about two weeks to go in the first half of TFT Galaxies. Patch 10.11 hit the servers today, marking the last patch before the Galaxies mid-set update and the last chance to push towards your final rank before the reset.

New Galaxy

Littler Little Legends

With that in mind, there aren’t at on of changes in patch 10.11 but some of them are significant. For starters, we have a new Galaxies, Littler Little Legends. Unlike the Medium Legends galaxy, in which you start with 125 health, the Littler Little Legends galaxy starts everyone with 85 health instead of 100. TFT Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer believes this should only impact the lower two people of the match and most others won’t notice the lack of starting health. You’ll have a 12.5% chance of landing in a Littler Legends galaxy.



Chrono is getting a buff at 4/6, resulting in the attack speed buff stacking quicker. It will now stack at 3.5 seconds for four units and 1.5 seconds for six units. The change may look small but it could have a big impact as fights go on.


Going up against Infiltrators sucks right now because there’s little you can do to actually counter them with champion placement. Even if you put your tanks in the back row, they move forward to attack by the time the Infiltrator jumps, hanging your carries out to dry. With patch 10.11, Infiltrators now jump immediately at the beginning of combat, so hopefully some smart positioning can stop them from decimating your backline.


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Caitlyn, Graves and Xayah — three very strong Tier 1 champions — are getting well-deserved nerfs. Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole damage is being nerfed by 750 at three-star, while the duration of Graves’ Smoke Grenade Blind is decreasing by one second at his one- and two-star levels. Xayah’s mana is going from 0/50 to 0/70.

Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit Damage is getting a buff at three star while Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab Damage is getting buffed across the board.

Cho’Gath is getting a slight buff with his starting mana being raised from 50 to 75. This should ensure he gets his ult off at least once per round. The Cho buff is interested because he already is part of a very strong trait in Brawlers. I imagine this buff will make Brawlers an even more popular comp.

Kayle, who is currently one of the strongest carries in the game, is having her total mana nerfed (60 > 70).


Last Whisper is getting nerfed. It’s 90% Armor Reduction is going down to 75% Armor Reduction, so it’s no longer the ultimate tank killer.

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Overall, it seems like a pretty tame patch as we wind down the first half of TFT Galaxies. Remember, the mid-patch update is slated to go live on June 10, so you’ve only got about two weeks to make your final ranked push and finish up any remaining rewards on the Galaxies Pass.