Marvel Super War: Lack of global release date frustrates fans

Marvel and NetEase Games
Marvel and NetEase Games /

It’s been five months since Marvel Super War officially launched in select countries but NetEase still hasn’t announced a global release for the U.S. and Europe.

Patience is wearing thin for fans who were once eagerly awaiting the release of Marvel Super War. NetEase’s mobile-focused, Marvel-inspired MOBA launched back in December 2019, but only in the select countries (India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand). It was not — and still isn’t — officially available in the United States or Europe.

Since its limited launch, Marvel Super War  has received nearly a dozen new heroes and is now in its second season. The game has been met with praise by those who have played it but unfortunately, NetEase is botching the handling of its game.

The community is growing impatient with the lack of a global release. Making matters worse is the complete radio silence from NetEase.

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NetEase continues to announce new playable characters and each time, the post is filled with responses from frustrated fans waiting for a global release for the game. NetEase never responds to these fans, but according to the developer, there is no updates on the launch of Marvel Super War outside of the regions its already available in. While it is technically possible to play Marvel Super War in the regions it hasn’t officially been released in, you run the risk of high ping and connection issues.

I’ll admit, I am one of these fans that was once very excited for Marvel Super War. I used to cover the release of every new playable character. Now, my interest is waning, and surely I’m not alone.

The mobile market is a very competitive space. Riot Games’ will soon launch its own mobile-focused MOBA in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Riot Games is currently preparing for a limited alpha.

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Wild Rift will undoubtedly provide some major market competition for Marvel Super War, although it’s hard to count out a game that features beloved Marvel characters. Still, NetEase runs a big risk of aliening even the most die hard Marvel fans by not offering them anything to look forward to.