TFT patch 10.9: New reroll percentage changes and what it means

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With TFT patch 10.9, Riot is adjusting the reroll percentage changes for champions across the board. Here’s what that means for 1-, 2- and 3-cost units.

With TFT Galaxies, Riot Games adjusted reroll percentages to try and promote more three star champions being viable. Well, the change was a little to effective, resulting in “a level of consistency we weren’t really comfortable with.”

Basically, just about everyone and their mother was able to freely hit their three star champions. This was especially true for Tier 2 and 3 champions (2g and 3g cost). The rapid drop off of one cost units also meant increased difficulty in three starring one cost champions. I can definitely attest to this.

With patch 10.9, Riot Games is changes the reroll percentages. Here’s what they’ll look like:

  • Level 3: 75% / 25% / 0% / 0% / 0%
  • Level 4: 60% / 30% / 10% / 0% / 0%
  • Level 5: 40% / 35% / 20% / 5% / 0%
  • Level 6: 25% / 35% / 30% / 10% / 0%
  • Level 6: 19% / 30% / 35% / 15% / 1%

The slight increase at level three in one star champions to 75% should help with early game consistency. At level four, you shouldn’t be able to hit your pairs quite as often since it also pulls closer to one costs.

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Level five is now the new place you’ll want to roll down if you’re trying to three star your one cost units. Level six is where you’ll want to roll down for your two cost units. Unlike before, the percentage never gets over 35%, so it won’t be as easy to three star these units. Level seven is where you’d roll to three star your three-cost champions, but again, it’s never goes over 35%.

Ultimately, these changes make three starring one-cost champions more of a viable option, if only because it will be more difficult to do it with two- and three-cost units. Difficult does not mean impossible though. People are still hitting their three stars on two- and three-cost units; it’s just a little harder.

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In the end, I think this is a good change for TFT. It was getting a little ridiculous with how easily players were able to three star units. This should hopefully make it a little more harder and therefore, truly more rewarding if you can do so.