Call of Duty: Infinity Ward has already banned over 70,000 Warzone cheaters

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Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are finding out the hard way that if you try and cheat out a big company such as Infinity Ward, there will end up being major repercussions .

Video games have always been something that gamers have liked to try to hack and mod to make them more fun. While most of the time modding games is something that is not frowned upon, you have to do it within reason. Call of Duty has always been a target for modding. However, gamers tend to take things too far sometimes, which usually causes you to get banned of some nature.

On April 13th Infinity Ward released the tweet below, acknowledging that over 70,000 Call of Duty: Warzone players have been banned worldwide for cheating.

If you think that just becuase there are millions of players that are playing a game that you won’t be caught, then think again. Being that Warzone is a battle royale game built inside of Call of Duty, it is not something that should be altered by other gamers. In a sense, these players that are being banned are not even considered modders, but straight-up cheaters.

I have seen numerous videos on how people are finding ways to cheat in-game. I have seen people make it to where they are not able to die. I have also seen Warzone players give themself something referred to as an “aim-bot.” What “aim-bot” does is make it so that the players not able to miss any bullets when trying to take down an enemy.

In a game mode where surviving is key, it takes the fun out of the game if you come across one of these cheaters. If you are not able to die and always have 100% accuracy when trying to shoot one of your opponents, then that takes away from the whole point of the game. Gamers play games to have fun, so the fact that people try and cheat just so they can be number one is really frustrating.

Infinity Ward continues to add security systems to their games in order to stop cheaters at all costs. Some members of the Call of Duty community have even talked about adding some sort of a universal report system so that all players are able to report others in-game. What most people do not understand is that it is nearly impossible to try and cheat one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. On top of all that, cheating does not make you look good; it makes you look desperate. Under no circumstance should modding ever be used to gain the edge on any multiplayer experience.

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Infinity Ward is going to keep updating their security systems as well to make sure that their gaming community can have a fun experience playing their game. I am hoping that over the next month or so we will see the number of banned users go down. However, with the growing number of millions of players who play Warzone, I think it is inevitable that the number of banned players will only begin to rise.

One of my biggest pet peeves I have when it comes to gaming is that I hate getting into a lobby where players cheat. It not only takes away from my gaming experience, but also the experience of all the other players that I am playing with as well. I am hoping with all the added security and updates that are to come that this will all get fixed and that number will begin to decline.

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Most players that cheat think that no one is watching or that a ban can’t happen to them. Well news flash, Infinity Ward is always watching and that if you do end up cheating over a game that is not meant to be messed with, you will get banned.