Rocket League: New Heatseeker game mode is sure to be fast paced

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Rocket League is constantly adding new game modes in order to give the game a brand new feel without having to release a sequel to the game.

Rocket League has been a game that constantly keeps the updates rolling out in order to give the game a fresh new feel. It has been out for almost five years and there has still been no official talk about releasing sequel. A part of that is likely due to developer Psyonix constantly adding new game modes to keep the gameplay feeling fresh.

On April 16th Rocket League will be debuting a brand new, limited time game mode called Heatseeker. The 3v3 game mode focuses around defensive skill as well as quick-witted thinking. In this new mode, the game will be played up to 7 points. Every time the ball is touched by a player, the ball gains speed and automatically seeks the opposing team’s net. If you are not paying attention or slow on making a decision then this game mode might be on the tougher side for you.

If you are competitive or just simply looking to try out something new then make sure you play before the limited time mode is taken away on April 20th. If you are not able to play this limited time event during that time frame then you will unfortunately miss out on this new game mode. Luckily, as long as you log into Rocket League while this game mode is live you will receive a free Hypnoteks Player Banner that you can use for your Rocket League profile.

The new Heatseeker game mode will not interfere with season 6 of the Rocket Pass since you will still earn XP as usual. This game mode acts just like any other game mode in that you will still be able to level up the Rocket Pass the same quickness as you would in any of the other playlists.

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For someone who is as competitive as myself, I can not wait to try out this game mode. It is really nice to see that even five years later Rocket League is still adding new things for its players to try out. This game mode has the potential to be a fan favorite for how quick and fast paced the gameplay will be. There is also a possibility that if Heatseeker mode is a success, they can always bring back the game mode in the future like we have seen with other Rocket League modes, such as the infamous Spike Rush.

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I can not wait to try this new game mode out myself. It is sure going to be interesting to see how players adapt to something that is going to be so fast paced.  Rocket League has always been a game that has tested players defensive abilities, but this mode will surely put those skills to the true test. Below is a quick trailer from Rocket League’s YouTube channel to get you more familiar on what to expect on April 16th!